Planned Parenthood Killed Pop. Equivalent of 735 Wash., D.C. Elementary Schools in FY2015

Brittany M. Hughes | December 30, 2015
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The taxpayer funded “women’s health” organization Planned Parenthood murdered another 323,999 unborn babies in the group’s fiscal year 2015, according to their annual report released this week.

In other words, PPFA killed the population equivalent of about 735 Washington, D.C. public elementary schools last year alone.

By contrast, Planned Parenthood’s 700 health centers submitted only 2,024 adoption referrals that same year for children who’d actually been offered a chance at life.

By the numbers listed in Planned Parenthood’s annual reports, the organization systematically slaughtered about 3,500 fewer children last year than it did in the year before. So if there’s some silver lining to be found in the blood-drenched cloud that is the group’s yearly abortion tally, maybe that’s it.

Then again, Planned Parenthood has performed well over 7 million abortions since 1970, so perhaps not. In other news, the organization still has yet to provide a single mammogram.

In it’s 2014-15 report, Planned Parenthood also praises its own efforts to “fight for racial reproductive justice, reminding readers that “To mark Black History Month, Planned Parenthood Action Fund celebrated the courageous leadership in he Black community that pushes our nation toward a more equal and just society.”

What the group failed to include in its pro-minorities stump speech is the fact that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a devout racist whose admitted goal was to control the black population and that of other marginalized groups.

But, details.

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