Planned Parenthood Dumped $730K Into Ossoff's Campaign. Oops.

Brittany M. Hughes | June 21, 2017
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Abortion giant Planned Parenthood dumped a whopping $730,000 into the congressional race for Georgia’s 6th District, an election that ended last night with Republican candidate Karen Handel beating out Democrat Jon Ossoff in what the left had hoped would be a swing victory in a historically red locale.

It wasn’t. And I’ll give you one guess which proverbial horse Planned Parenthood had backed.

Hint: it wasn’t the woman.

It turns out Planned Parenthood, and a slew of other groups who ended up pouring a collective $30 million into Ossoff's campaign coffers, may as well have piled all their cash in a dumpster and lit in on fire, for all the good it did. Handel emerged the victor on Tuesday night with 52 percent of the vote, compared to Ossoff's 48 percent, putting an end to what ended up being the most expensive U.S. House race in history.

Planned Parenthood's contributions aren't necessarily surprising -- they've got a history of donating buckets of cash for pro-choice Democratic candidates like Ossoff. But they’re also pretty consistent when it comes to whining about how defunding their operation (you know, as a result of their sidelining as a fetal chop shop, for example) would deprive millions of poor women from receiving essential health care.

So considering they just dumped nearly three quarters of a million into a single failed congressional campaign, someone please remind me why we’re stroking them a check for more than $550 million in taxpayer cash every single year. Because clearly, the financial belt isn't nearly as tight as they claim.



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