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Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘We’re Very Proud Of Our Republican Support’


Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards says, that the abortion provider is “very proud of our Republican support” from lawmakers and that the organization could not function without federal taxpayer funds.

Richards made the comments during an interview on KPCC radio late last month.



Richards was asked if support for Planned Parenthood from Republicans could help turn back efforts to end the organization’s federal funding.

 “We’re very proud of our Republican support not only in the Congress and the United States Senate but across the country,” Richards replied. “I mean we have again millions of patients. One in five women in this country have been to Planned Parenthood and that includes a lot of Republican women.”

Later, Richards was asked if the supporters and donors of Planned Parenthood’s services could keep them in operation without federal funds.

 “Well, absolutely not. I think that, look we see more than a million and half patients every single year under Medicaid and other public programs.”

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