Photographic Bias At ABC News

DannyG | October 27, 2008
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Earlier this afternoon when a co-worker pointed me to an ABC News article headlined "Barack Obama, John McCain Make Closing Arguments In Campaign's Final Week," this is the picture I saw: Hopeful Obama, Sneering McCain Notice the hopeful smile on the media's preferred candidate, Democrat Barack Obama, and the angry sneer on Republican John McCain. They perfectly illustrate the biased narratives about the candidates that reporters have been pushing for months. You would never suspect that Obama is the candidate who his own running mate is sure will lead America into an international crisis a few months from now. Someone at ABC must have a balanced bone in his or her body, though, because about an hour after I saw the original McCain picture, it was replaced with this one:  ABC’s Attempt At Photographic Balance I've uploaded both pictures to Grab them here and here to share on your own sites as a way to highlight how media bias rears its head in photo selection. UPDATE: My Media Research Center colleague Tim Graham also blogged about this over at NewsBusters. -- K. Daniel Glover