Phony-baloney: Paid Activist Berry Once Acted As Proud American Patriot

Jay Maxson | July 1, 2021

Gwen Berry’s profitable, hypocritical plot thickens! Now we know that she is profiting from social justice activism. We have also learned that, a few years ago when anti-Americanism wasn’t such a lucrative scam, Berry very publicly acted the part of a devoted patriot. In short, she’s a fraud.

The Washington Post reported that Berry, who gained national notoriety for turning her back on the U.S. flag at the recent U.S. Olympic trials, is a social justice warrior connected to the group Color of Change and to Puma.

Color of Change is advocating for reparations, divesting the New York Police Department (among others) and fighting the International Olympic Committee’s Rule 50 banning protest. Berry is featured in a Color of Change website photo along with the radical group’s demands for open protest in future Olympic Games.

Additionally, Color of Change pressured the Puma sportswear company to hook up with Berry for ulterior purposes. The Washington Post recently reported:

“Rather than paying Berry to endorse and promote its brand Color of Change cajoled and pressured companies to support her so Berry could maintain a platform from which to advocate. The partnership proved pivotal … the apparel company Puma announced it signed Berry to a contract that will pay her $15,000, provide her equipment and apparel and place her in a campaign titled ‘She Moves Us.”

Not to be outdone by Nike’s vast arena of social justice activities, Puma’s marketing director Adan Petrick said: “We have the responsibility to support those calling for change.”

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Berry, an alternate on the U.S. women’s track and field team in the hammer throw, admitted she is conflicted about representing America in international competition. This was readily apparent in 2019 when she won the hammer throw in the Pan American Games and displayed the black power salute on the victory podium.

“It has always, always, always been something I have been very uncomfortable with,” she confessed to the Washington Post. “I try to compartmentalize it. I try to say, ‘The USA can mean a lot of things.’ I try to give it my own meaning, just to say that I do deserve to represent a country that my people have built uncompensated, have worked for and have survived throughout. I just have to give myself a different meaning of it, regardless of how uncomfortable I am with what it is sometimes.”

Always? Really? Not so much. After qualifying for the 2016 Olympics, Berry proudly displayed the American flag. The New York Post displayed an image of that which was posted on Berry’s old website in June 2015. She was “exuding joy as she holds up the flag after she achieved her dream of representing the country at the 2016 Rio Olympics.”

Donald Trump Jr. loved the irony, tweeting: “Totally not all an act! She was definitely not protesting to get attention for herself and/or maybe some of those woke Nike sponsorship dollars, 100% legit and not at all a cottage industry victimization scheme we see so much of these days.”

Nick Adams, president of Flag USA, tweeted: “Looks like the American flag didn’t offend Gwen Berry a few years ago…”. Conservative writer Brigitte Gabriel said said it looks like Berry’s “entire ‘Activist Athlete’’ bit is an act.

Since 2015, Puma showed Berry the money and she showed the world her disgusting activism.