Philly Mayor Thinks U.S. Should be More Like Canada, 'Only People' with Guns are Cops

Nick Kangadis | July 6, 2022
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Politicians are the absolute worst. They’ll cry for your “right” to kill a baby, but want to take away pretty much all other rights except the ones that keep them in power. Case in point is far-left Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D).

When asked about the shootings that occurred on Independence Day this year, Kenney decided that the authoritarian hellscape that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dictates to in Canada would be a good example of how he wants things in the U.S.

“I was in Canada two weeks ago, never thought about a gun,” Kenney said after being completely flippant towards his constituents Second Amendment right to bear arms. “The only people I knew had guns up in Canada were police officers, and that’s the way it should be here. But, I mean look, in my lifetime, that’s never going to happen.”

You’re damn right that’s never going to happen, Jimmy boy.

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If it’s so great “up in Canada,” then maybe the good mayor should move there.

It’s way past time to stop allowing the far-left their love of using mass shootings as a way to take away people’s rights. Who knows exactly how many communists we have in charge of our major cities, but the crime rates in those cities give us a pretty good indication.

Before any American citizen’s Second Amendment right is further infringed upon, lets hypothetically make an addendum that any security for politicians are unarmed.

Guaranteed they’ll all be Second Amendment proponents then.


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