Philadelphia Poll Watcher Allegedly Representing Trump Denied Entry into Polling Place

Nick Kangadis | November 3, 2020

With confidence in the validity of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election seemingly at an all-time low — no matter who ends up winning — video has emerged purportedly showing a official poll watcher being denied entry into a polling place.

In the video, a man reportedly named Gary Feldman was attempting to enter a polling place as a poll “watcher,” allegedly representing “DONALD J TRUMP.” A “WATHCER’S CERTIFICATE” with Feldman’s name, allegedly issued by the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, was shown by Feldman to the people supposedly in charge of a Philadelphia polling place.

No matter the proof Feldman showed to the workers, they wouldn’t allow him into the polling place.

Here’s video of the confrontation, as posted by Human Events editor-in-chief, Will Chamberlain:

Chamberlain also posted a picture of Feldman’s “watcher certificate”:

The Election Day confrontation above comes just days after Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro tweeted that “Trump is going to lose,” dropping his objectivity in order to politicize an office that’s supposed to be beholden to upholding the law regardless of party affiliation.