Petty Maxine Waters: Trump 'Doesn't Even Know How to Spell His Own Wife's Name'

Nick Kangadis | July 16, 2018
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Besides her constant whining, crying and whipping up violence against anything or anyone associated with President Trump, what does Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) actually do besides being one of the most corrupt politicians in America? All we ever see her do is combat Trump at every turn just for the sake of getting the attention she so cravenly wants.

Well, she was at it again over the weekend.

Waters spoke at a meeting of the California Democratic Party’s women's caucus on Saturday, and instead of talking about anything that actually matters, she decided that it would yet another good time to disparage Trump.

Waters was actually introduced as the caucus’ “She-ro,” a vomit-inducing modern feminist take on the word “hero.” Please hold while I get my barf bag.

The Trump-resisting Calif. Democrat ran Trump down to the audience of women, noting that Trump doesn’t understand much.

“He’s over there supposedly meeting on NATO. He doesn’t know a darn thing about it,” Waters said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “He doesn’t even understand what GDP is. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t even know how to spell his own wife’s name.”

Don't worry. All of this comes from a person who once said that called Russian President Vladimir Putin "Validimore Putin," and once claimed that Putin was advancing into "Korea," instead of Crimea. Oh yeah, she also once called North Korean leader Kim Jong un "Kim Jong Oom." It's pretty funny that someone so inept would accuse someone else of being incompetent.

Here’s video of Waters’ comments to the women’s caucus:

(Video: SF Chronicle) 

The “not-being-able-to-spell-his-wife’s-name” comment came from a tweet Trump sent out in May after First Lady Melania Trump returned to the White House after a kidney procedure. Even the Huffington Post noted that the mistake of Trump tweeting about “Melanie” was “quickly corrected.” The gaffe was most likely a result of the annoying auto-correct feature that most cell phones and some computers employ.

Rep. Waters is a petty, vindictive person who’s campaign to destroy the Trump administration has blinded her from doing the job taxpayers elected her to do while paying her salary.

I say that Waters should keep talking. Her divisive rhetoric only exposes Waters for the fraud that she is.

H/T: Daily Caller