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PETA Wants You To 'Stop Using Anti-Animal Language' - What?


When will those on the far-left stop trying to change the language we use? If you guessed never, you are correct!

PETA posted a tweet on Tuesday calling for humans to “remove speciesism from your daily conversations.” 

First, what the heck is "speciesism"? 

According to Google, “speciesism” is:


And second, how the heck do you remove “speciesism” from your day-to-day interactions? Thankfully, PETA supplies us with a chart for us to learn.

So if you’re going to follow PETA on your growing “social justice evolution” you’re gonna have to start using “anti-animal language.” Instead of saying a rather innocuous statement like “beat a dead horse” you’ll be saying “feed a fed horse.” 

The List goes on saying:

Instead of: “bring home the bacon.” Say: “bring home the bagels.” 

Boy: “But I don’t wanna bring home the bagels mom, I wanna bring home the bacon!”

Mom: “You’ll say ‘bring home the bagels’ and you’ll like it. You’re not gonna be harming pigs in my house sonny boy.”

Boy: “Aw, come on mom, that’s so lame!”

Why are these frequently used phrases “getting PETA’s goat?” I’m quite sure no one who is saying them actually intends harm to animal while saying it. 

PETA even took it as far as comparing these “anti-animal” phrases with racist, homophobic and ableist language.  

As people say, you really can’t make this stuff up. 

Some “tweeters” out there couldn’t “hold their horses” and let PETA know how they felt about the suggested language change. The “lion’s share” of tweets opposed the animal rights’ group’s recommendation.

I think it’s safe to say that PETA's tweet should “go to the dogs.” 

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