PETA Is Freaking Out That an 'Artist' Hatched Some Baby Chicks

Brittany M. Hughes | April 25, 2017

Let’s play a game called, “Which Left-wing Narrative Is More Stupid?” The rules are pretty simple: I’ll give you two choices, and you decide which sounds more neck-deep in idiocy.

Behind Door No. 1, we have a man who thought it’d be a fun “art” project to sit in a heated glass box on top of a pile of chicken eggs for two weeks until they hatch.

And behind Door No. 2 is a group of people who think this is cruel to the chickens, because they’re “sentient” beings who may be emotionally damaged from popping out of their eggs right underneath a grown man’s butt.

Apparently, there just isn’t enough stupid already circulating throughout the world, because this is actually a feud that’s being debated right now between Abraham Poincheval, the French artist who “hatched” the chicks, and PETA France. Poincheval has spent the last three weeks sitting in a glass case at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris on top of a pile of nine chicken eggs, trying to get them to hatch as part of some artistic performance. (Then again, this is also a guy who apparently spent two weeks inside a bear carcass and another week inside a hollowed-out boulder. You know, for “art.”)

But according to this, PETA is all in a tizzy now because the baby chicks were born in a glass case in a museum against their will, and won’t get to meet their real mommy.

“He was born alone in a museum, will never meet his mother and is considered a mere object within an ‘artistic’ performance,” PETA France’s statement reads. “The use of hen eggs (and chicks) in this performance supports the suffering of sentient beings who did not choose to participate in it.

“PETA — whose motto reads in part that ‘animals aren’t ours to use for entertainment’ — notes that chicks and chickens are sentient beings, capable of feeling suffering and fear just like us, and that animals do not belong in art exhibits.”

PETA had apparently tried to get Poincheval to abandon his plan to hatch the baby chicks himself well before the “performance” started, suggesting that he sit on chocolate eggs instead as some sort of protest against the captivity of hens by large egg companies.

There you have it, folks. The venerated liberal bastion of indecipherable “art” is being slammed by the righteous liberal defenders of inane animal rights. It's like watching a two-headed monster cannibalize itself.