Perverted YouTuber Admits He Finds 11-Year-Old 'Cuties' Stars 'Pretty Hot': 'I Think It's a Good Thing'

Brittany M. Hughes | September 14, 2020

Remember when those of us (apparently right-wingers) began criticizing the movie "Cuties" by saying it would embolden pedophiles, justify child exploitation and lead perverted grown men to ogle and objectify little girls?

Unfortunately for children and the general planet, it looks like that sad theory took about four seconds before being proven correct.

A YouTuber by the username "mrgirl," whose real name apparently is Max Karson, has raked in more than 20,000 "dislikes" to just 480 "likes" on a video review of "Cuties" in which he admits he finds the 11-year-old child stars " pretty hot," adding that he "think[s] that's OK."

"This film does try to make you sexually aroused by 11-year-olds, and I'll's not bad at it," he says to his more than 2,000 subscribers. "There are probably thousands of people masturbating to this film as we far as sexy music videos go, it's not bad."

"They're pretty hot. and you can say whatever you want about me, it's not my fault. I didn't make them do that. They did that," he continues. "That's the whole point of the movie, is that you're supposed to be sitting there thinking, 'Look at the blonde one.' You're supposed to be sitting there holding these two thoughts in their head: one, that these are kids, and two, that they're hot."

"And I don't even know if you're supposed to be comfortable with that, it's more like you're just supposed to be informed that you are capable of that, and that you feel that way. And um...I already knew that, but uh...I think it's a good thing to put that out there. I think that artistically, it's a good thing," he goes on.

"Is is exploitative? Yes, definitely. These kids are 11 so they don't really understand what they're doing," Karson says, before explaining that he himself was involved in a pornographic film just a year ago."

If you're still wondering why hundreds of thousands of people are demanding that Netflix remove this "artistic" piece of complete garbage from their streaming service before these young girls can be exploited even further for the sick entertainment of perverted adults, this is why, you dense-as-clay, absolute moron.