'People Will Die': YouTube Channel Savagely Mocks Senate Dems Rhetoric

Nick Kangadis | June 30, 2017
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Members of Congress have perfected their impression of a broken record, so one YouTube channel decided to create a little “art” and mock said members of Congress -- specifically those who use fear tactics, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

A man simply known as “Remy” uploaded a new video entitled “Remy: People Will Die” to ReasonTV’s YouTube channel, and it has people chuckling from the sweet irony.

While the song isn’t quite on the level of a Billboard hit, it’s catchy enough and in tune with the fear tactics used by liberal progressives, so much so that you can’t help but point the finger and laugh at the savage level of mockery.

The video begins with a clip of Warren speaking on the Senate floor.

“These cuts are blood money,” Warren said. “People will die.”

From there Remy channels his inner Biggie Smalls and mockingly raps while portraying himself as fictional Democratic members of Congress.

Here’s a little verse from Remy as fictional Sen. Guy Knowsbedder:

Traffic deaths have many crying with fear

Over 30,000 people are dying each year

A modest change, I propose, must be applied

Unless, of course, you just want people to die!

Remy does a few verses as a few different fictional congresspeople, and they’re all equally as hilarious.

So sit back, relax and watch the video. Unless, of course, you just want people to die.