'For The People!' - Lefty RI Gov. Issues Lockdown Order, Then Heads Out To Wine Bar

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 16, 2020

Around New England, folks concerned about the growth of government and the double-standards of politicians often turn to two news sources to get prime information. One is legendary reporter/columnist and talk radio host Howie Carr, and the other is a frequent go-to for Mr. Carr, the fired-up phenom known as Turtleboy. 

On Monday, December 14, Howie mentioned a recent, and continuing, post by Turtleboy that is garnering attention not just in New England, but around the country.

Turtleboy discovered that, despite Tweeting a December 7 reminder to residents that her “orders” (i.e. arbitrary diktats running contrary to the federal and RI constitutions) mandating closures of entertainment activities and recreation still stand, RI Governor Gina Raimondo (D) rolled out with her husband to enjoy a “wine and paint” evening, removed her mask, and broke many more of her own edicts, just FOUR DAYS after her Tweet.


Despite ordering the shut-down of “bar areas” and imposing harsh “social distancing” edicts, despite her government saying, “Restaurants may NOT operate any recreation or entertainment activities and must prevent access to any such areas on site,” not only did someone in the room capture photos of Raimondo Rex, her excited SERVER posted a photo of the Gov and Hubby, accidentally confirming the hypocrisy. 

Turtleboy writes:

On December 7th Governor Gina Raimondo posted on Twitter, urging people to stay home except for 'essential services,' and wear a mask around non-family members.

And he reminds readers…

The State’s guidelines call for a ‘pause,’ on freedom, and specifically say that restaurants can’t offer 'recreation or entertainment activities.’Restaurants may NOT operate any recreation or entertainment activities and must prevent access to any such areas on site.’ Bar areas are also supposed to be closed in restaurants as part of these rules.

So, is it any surprise that Raimondo would break pretty much all of her own edicts, and frequent a place that was breaking them?

But despite the fact that she was aware that her health director has COVID, her guidelines tell people only to go out for essential services, her mandates require no entertainment activities, bar areas have to be closed, businesses are shut down, and you must socially distance yourself from non-family members, Gina went out on Friday night with her husband to a bar called Barnaby’s in Providence and was seen sitting at the bar, drinking wine without a mask on as part of a ‘paint and wine’ event.

The enthusiastic announcement about this, from her server/instructor (who, as Turtleboy notes, is a big fan of fairness, as indicated by her social media “Black Lives Matter” profile picture filter)?

Me teaching Gina and her husband at my Paint and Wine(.) I can’t believe she stopped by (exicted-crying emoji) I was so nervous lol

And Turtleboy was kind enough to remind readers of just how much Governor Gina loves Black Lives Matter. She loves BLM so much, she (SHOCK!) defied her own social-distancing, masking, and gathering edicts to march with BLM advocates during the summer.

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And she also got caught without her mask in August, at a quaint shop on Block Island, a popular RI tourist destination for those who USED to travel freely, before they worried about being caught and hassled by Gina’s police-state.

Writes Turtleboy:

In a country worth fighting for the people would have nothing but contempt and hatred for elected officials like this, and would actively revolt against them. But Gina Raimondo does this because she knows she has the population pacified. She is a democrat in a state where democrats cannot lose statewide election, therefore she can do whatever she wants without losing political capital. The comments every time this happens proves (sic) it...

And those comments are stunning. Turtleboy offers a sampling of the flimsy “justifications” and excuses Gina Fans have offered, ranging from some that completely overlook the Governor’s own orders, such as this punctuation-challenged post from “Danielle Pichette-Proyian”...

She was with her husband, no one else, she’s supporting local business. After dealing with COVID since March she needs more wine just like the rest of us.

...to this, from Zakary James Pereira:

People just want to complain. She’s not doing anything wrong according to guidelines as far as I can see

So, like Danielle Hyphen-Name, Mr. Pereira is as blind to Gov Raimondo’s hypocrisy as he is to proper punctuation.

The idea that Gina Raimondo is “dealing with COVID” is absurd and toweringly insulting to the thousands of businesses her lockdown mandates have caused to near bankruptcy. It is an affront to those who HAVE gotten ill due to the virus -- or any other virus or illness, many of which are much more deadly than COVID19. And the claim that Raimondo is not violating the diktats she issued to supposedly “stop the spread?” That’s a slap in the proverbial face to anyone who actually remembers that this sly politician swore an oath to abide by the RI Constitution and the US Constitution.

Rhode Island government long has been known as a salt-lick for perfidious and two-faced collectivists who care not a whit about other people’s rights.

Gina Raimondo appears to be far more interested in continuing that sad tradition than in actually abiding by her own authoritarian commands.