People in Calif. Bay Area Leaving Car Doors/Trunks Open to Prevent Criminals Breaking Windows

Nick Kangadis | December 16, 2021
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When the district attorney for the city you live in was raised by parents who were both deeply involved with the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when said DA turns your city into a socialist “utopia,” in reality known as hellhole.

So we’ve all heard that shoplifting and stealing in general are pretty much legal in San Francisco. Steal less than $950, and Boudin and his crew will most likely not give you more than a slap on the wrist. Heck, they’ll literally give you a needle to shoot heroin and other drugs. You can poop in the streets if you want, too. 

Now, the lawlessness has become so rampant that the few law-abiding citizens left in San Fran are leaving the trunks on their vehicles open and posting signs that they left the door open so that criminals won’t break their windows when they eventually have said vehicle broken into.

According to the Daily Wire, ABC 7 in the Bay Area of California reported the following:

People have even posted signs on their cars begging, “Please use the door,” or “Please Do Not Break Glass!! Nothing Inside!!”

One witness, seeing a trunk left wide open, posted on social media, “Imagine having to clean out your car and leaving it open in public just to people won’t break your windows. Oakland we looking sad man.”

Oakland’s Deputy Interim Police Chief Drennon Lindsey, apprised  that people were leaving their trunks open, admitted, “It doesn’t really surprise me.”

As noted above, Oakland, which is right across the bay from San Francisco, is seeing the same ignoring of the law that their neighbors across the bridge are going through.

When it gets to the point that people are willingly living in a place in which they have to give criminals an easier way to commit crime, so that it doesn’t affect them as much, they might want to look in the mirror and understand that their November decisions have directly contributed to these results.

Much like my feeling for my hometown of Chicago, you’re on your own, San Francisco.

For local coverage, watch below:


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