Penn State Is Nixing Their Homecoming 'King' & 'Queen' to Be More 'Inclusive'

Nick Kangadis | April 12, 2018
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I guess it doesn’t take very much intelligence to get into college anymore. But, it seems as though being “woke” is a requirement nowadays. This is just more SJW BS coming from a major American university.

According to a memo released by the Penn St. University (PSU) Homecoming Committee on Tuesday, the school “will eliminate the gendered titles of “Homecoming King and Queen”, as well as rid the number ratio of male to female representation within the court.”

Why, you ask? Because of “inclusivity,” of course!

Instead of continuing to practice the time honored and harmless tradition of crowing a king and queen, the Homecoming Committee will “acknowledge the top two recognized students with the Guide State Forward Award.” That means that the two people recognized could be of the same gender, but it’s doubtful that the committee — judging by how “tolerant” they are — would ever give the award to two male students. Well, unless one or both them are part of the LGBTQA-LMNOP community.

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t that make the selection process less inclusive? The Homecoming Committee is going from selecting an equal amount of males and females to conceivably selecting all members of one gender. Am I missing something here?

“Recognizing Penn State’s continued dedication toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, these changes challenge us to expand our understanding of sexual and gender diversity and extends a welcome that other universities and institutions have been doing for some time,” said Director of the LGBTQA Student Resource Center, Brian Patchcoski. “These changes are about making the Penn State experience an ever more inclusive one.”

This sounds like another case of forced diversity where there was no need for one. Nowhere in the memo does it state that anyone was excluded in previous Homecoming Courts.

In fact, according to the student-published PSU newspaper the Daily Collegian, the court typically had an equal male to female ratio. Five males and five females were selected in previous years.

This change by PSU makes the Homecoming Court less inclusive, but they’ll probably argue that the change can now include people of the 327,044 other genders that they believe exist in their fantasyland.

Ironically, the Daily Collegian also posted a poll in which people could vote on what they think of the change. As of this writing, a whopping 76 percent of those who participated in the poll said they disagreed with the change, based on 1,380 participants.

It should be interesting to see the response from PSU fans when the committee announces the Homecoming Court at the Nittany Lions homecoming game on October 13 against rival, the University of Michigan Wolverines.

H/T: The Blaze