Pelosi Will Require Masks In The House, Contrary To Her Beloved CDC 'Guidelines'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 18, 2021
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For some odd reason, the oft-heard line “Do as I say, not as I do” keeps coming to mind when one reads, or sees, or hears, tales of politicians. 

It happens so much that, if one were to fall prey to a moment of weakness – or mental clarity in this insane world of COVID crackdowns – one might think that the arrogance and conceit of politicians walk hand in hand with their ignorance of liberty and hatred of free market economics.

Hence, we see the latest example, reported by Wendell Husebo, of Breitbart.

As he notes, the gracious and totally-not-at-all-snipe-prone House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is defying her own Centers for Disease Control guidelines when it comes to “jabbed” people and masks.

The politician-pushed, tax-funded, CDC has said that those who’ve been injected with one of the many “emergency use” mRNA gene jabs can congregate in enclosed places sans magic masks (those being the things the efficacy of which people still debate). And that would mean that Congress-cats, most of whom keep telling us that the jabs and masks and CDC are awesome, could gather in their den of iniquity – the House Chambers – and make more plans with our money, doing so sans face-diapers.

But no.

Nancy Pelosi’s not going to allow it.

Breitbart's Husebo cites a Tweet from CNN’s Manu Raju, in which Raju noted that Pelosi said, “No,” when asked if she was going to change the rule requiring masks on the House Floor.

How incredibly charming… This not only is the elitist who in August last year was caught going maskless inside a San Francisco hair salon (doing so while the city forbade salons and other small shops from doing business), but this also is the woman who raises the CDC like a holy relic in her seemingly ceaseless, religious, and unquestionable mantra of “follow the SCIENCE” – a mantra that destroys the scientific method and science itself, even as it makes an untouchable dogma out of what politicians claim is “THE SCIENCE.”

Fire and brimstone unto any apostate who should question what we’re told is the almighty SCIENCE.

This also comes from the woman who helped shovel $7.919 billion into the hands of CDC bureaucrats and politically connected “researchers” in the US and abroad last year.

There’s something educational in seeing that the very agency Pelosi tells all of us to find also is something about which she respects so little in her personal and daily work life that she will completely disregard its vaunted “recommendations.”

Educational, indeed -- and something that tells others that Pelosi cares even less for taxpayers, whom she commands to pay for said CDC.

Many members of the House are not pleased with Pelosi’s obnoxious double-standards, and, led by Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs (R), more than three-dozen of them have sent a letter to the Speaker to request that she change her mind and actually follow the guidelines of that all-valuable CDC.

One’s opinion of the CDC, and of the fact that it is toweringly unconstitutional, need not come into play to see how Nancy Pelosi appears to be acting like an empress.

And one need not take a side with any political party to see that such behavior harms her reputation more each day that she continues to tell us to pay for the CDC while she flouts its so-called “science.”

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)