Pelosi Shouted Down by 'DREAMers' at Pro-DREAM Act Event

ashley.rae | September 19, 2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was shouted down by illegal immigrant youth at an event she was holding in favor of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival recipients or "DREAMers."

CBS San Francisco reports Pelosi was speaking in San Francisco in support of the “immediate passage” of the DREAM Act, but was met with opposition from the very same community she was claiming to support.

During her speech, Pelosi even reportedly referred to DREAMers as an “inspiration to all of us,” calling them an embodiment of “the promise of the American dream.” However, her praise was not enough to hold back protesters.

Video shows protesters chanting, “We, undocumented youth, demand a clean bill. We, undocumented youth, demand that you do not sell out our community and our values. We, undocumented youth, will not be a bargaining chip for Trump.”

During the protest, which allegedly spanned over 25 minutes, illegal immigrants also held signs that read, “Democrats are Deporters.”

SFGate reports protesters also yelled, “Democrats created an out-of-control deportation machine” and “Democrats are not the resistance to Trump.”

According to multiple reports, Pelosi allegedly became terse with the protesters, yelling at them to “Just stop it now!”

Pelosi was allegedly led out of the press conference after unsuccessfully stopping the protests.

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