Pelosi Predicts Democratic Victory In November

Joe Schoffstall | October 21, 2010
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on the Charlie Rose show and predicted Democrats would fight off Republicans and keep the House after the midterm elections. When asked if she were invited back on the show six months from now if she'd be still be Speaker or just a representative, she responded "I have every anticipation that we will come together in a similar format as we are now as Speaker of the House." Rose followed up by asking her why she believes that with 95 House races in play, in which she said "Well, who are they?" She added, "Let me say why I believe it would be very difficult for Republicans to take over the House of Representatives. Let me tell you right here and now that I'd rather be in our position right now than theirs. In order for them to win they have to win around 38 seats, we'll win some, so they have to win into the 40's. Our members are 'battle-ready', many had one, two elections that were very tough elections. They've won in very difficult districts in terms of Democratic numbers and they know how to win those elections." The latest generic Congressional ballot shows Republicans holding a 9-point lead over Democrats, 48%-39%, with the elections just two weeks away.

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