Pelosi: ‘I Had To Get A Mandate Because I Ate Too Much Fudge Chocolate Ice Cream’

Eric Scheiner | August 23, 2021
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Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claims “they” were “going to come get” her after she ate “too much fudge chocolate ice cream.”

This is not a fever dream, it’s part of an interview the House Speaker did defending the idea of vaccination mandates on television station KPIX last week.

“But when you say ‘mandate,’ it is a word that is frightening to some people,” Pelosi said.

“But the fact is, we need to have vaccinations for children to go to schools or other mandates for – I had to get a mandate because I ate too much fudge chocolate ice cream 30 years ago from a store where somebody got sick. And they said everybody had to have a Tetanus shot.  I don't like getting shots, but I had to get the Tetanus shot.  They were going to come after you.  ‘We are going to come get you if you don't get the Tetanus shot.’  Well, we don't have that kind of, shall we say, enforcement.”

The reporters doing the interview did not follow-up on the fudge ice cream Tetanus incident. I’m not sure how they let this pass without comment, as the story seems pretty tasty.

Pelosi never did explain who “they” were. We can safely assume it wasn’t the owners of “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream” which she stocks her $24,000 refrigerator with – as they did not ascend into ice cream power until the 2000’s and have not been known to “get” people who have avoided Tetanus shots.

I personally think she said that ‘Bud’s chocolate ice cream’ was the catalyst for the Tetanus shot gang coming after her, but according to her press office it’s a generic ‘fudge chocolate’ that led to this mandate escapade. A complete transcript of this fudgy story is available on Pelosi’s website.

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