Pelosi: Expand Internet So People Can Send Me Ideas On Climate Change

Eric Scheiner | March 28, 2019
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It could be that Rep. Nancy Pelosi is out of ideas, so she wants the government to expand broadband internet service so people can “communicate” suggestions on climate change to her and the Democratic party.

Pelosi stammered through this thought during a press conference on Thursday, while explaining that “climate” is now a “caucus-wide agenda.”

“It is a congress-wide agenda,” Pelosi said. “Every chairman look to your brief. See how you can, whether it’s in building infrastructure in a green way, whether it is building broadband in our country so that communication is improved  - receiving people’s suggestions about how - especially young people – about climate.  So it is a caucus-wide effort for the people.”

In 2016 the FCC reported that only 10 percent of all Americans lack access to “high speed” 25 Mbps/3 Mbps service. 

Democrats are pushing for $40 billion dollars in direct federal funding “to connect every American to high-speed, reliable internet” in the “A Better Deal” agenda.

The word “climate” does not appear anywhere in the Better Deal proposal.

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