Pelosi Defends Her Shutdown Hula Trip: 'I Don’t Know' If Trump Even 'Observed Christmas'

Eric Scheiner | January 3, 2019
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Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is defending her Hawaiian vacation over Christmastime, by insinuating that President Trump doesn’t realize that Hawaii is a U.S. state. She also insinuates that Trump doesn't observe Christmas.

The White House has taken swipes at Pelosi for going to the Aloha state during the government shutdown while President Trump remained in the nation’s capitol.

“Less hula, more moola for the DHS and Customs and Border Patrol funding our border security,” White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway told Fox News Sunday.

Pelosi had previously commented that President Trump would have more time to go golfing if there was a shutdown, but she was the one in Hawaii, and not DC, while the government shutdown continued.

On NBC’s Today show Thursday Pelosi defended her vacation to Hawaii. “I observed the Christmas holiday," she said.

“The president may not know this, but Hawaii is part of the United States of America; maybe he doesn’t realize that,” Pelosi added.

“I don’t know whether the president observed the religious holiday of Christmas –do you?”

Um, actually Nancy, we do know. It was reported on. But we’ll assume there are lots of things you missed out on while on your ' government shutdown' vacation.

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