Pelosi Claims She's a 'Street Fighter,' Says She Would Have Beaten Capitol Rioters With Her Shoe

Brittany M. Hughes | April 14, 2021
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Honest question, for the masses: when you think of someone you wouldn’t want to cross in a back alley at night, do you think of Nancy Pelosi?

If you answered “yes,” please reach out to a neurologist and schedule a check-up. 

But if you answered “no” – and unless you’re the U.S. Constitution and she’s somehow managed to get her hands on you – you stand with probably 99.999% of the human population that doesn’t really see a short, octogenarian congresswoman as a great physical threat. That other .001% being…well, Nancy Pelosi.

In an interview with USA Today, the Democrat House Speaker lauded herself a “street fighter,” claiming that if she’d happened upon any of the rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6, she’d have bested them with….her shoe.

"Well, I'm pretty tough. I'm a street fighter," Pelosi told USA Today when asked about protesters who may have wanted to find and harm her after breaching the doors of the Capitol building that day. 

"They would have had a battle on their hands,” the 81-year-old said. “I would have had these,” she added, picking up her foot and gesturing to her spiked heels.

Which, aside from being hilariously absurd considering that while the rioters were busting in the Capitol windows, Pelosi was being shuttled off by a team of armed security, it's worth noting that a well-trained officer was killed in the chaos that Pelosi thinks she could have handily managed with nothing but her Jimmy Choo, making the whole thing anything but a situation to be laughed off.

Perhaps next time, the Speaker should simply deal with violent protesters herself and spare the cops the trouble.