Pelosi Caught On Cam PRE-RIPPING SOTU - Pelosi Staff Caught Lying?

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 7, 2020
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If you didn’t get to see Nancy Pelosi’s petulant schoolyard display at the conclusion of Donald Trump’s State of the Union - you really owe it to yourself to watch that video.

And then you can check out the various ways pop media dinosaurs tried to excuse her show of indignance.

But what some are discovering is that her staff’s claim about Pelosi’s actions being “spontaneous” appears to be as fake as her pasty smiles and oath to uphold the Constitution.

As Tamar Lapin reports for the NY Post and Kayla Brantley reports for The DailyMail, Ms. Pelosi didn’t “spontaneously” tear her copy of President Trump’s speech as he concluded it. Over-the-shoulder video coverage shows her creating a small rip in one portion of his speech long before her “off-the-cuff” display of paper-shredding.

Yet, her staff claimed that her actions weren’t pre-planned, implying that she was merely acting out of frustration, and not really thinking about things…

Offered the DailyMail:

A spokesperson for Pelosi insisted that her ripping up the text of Donald Trump's speech was not pre-planned. 

That’s fascinating, since she “pre-ripped” a bunch of the pages of her copy.

It’s difficult to square the two realities.

Unless one understands that the Pelosi team appears to be about as consistent with the truth as she is with her oath to “protect and defend” the US Constitution.

In fact, it would be poetic if someone superimposed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution on those sheets she pre-ripped and then tore to shreds live on television the other night.

Because that is what the vast majority of her “career” in politics has been focused on doing for decades.

Pelosi’s team is insulting our intelligence, insulting reality, and insulting history. Nancy Pelosi thought about what she was going to do, and she made sure she could do it quickly, in front of everyone.

And, in front of everyone, she has been engaging in the same kind of behavior on a much more fundamental level, one that isn’t just an “insult” to President Trump or to the “traditions” of Washington civility.

Just once, it would be nice if American pop media paid attention to that larger story, and if more American civilians did the same.

If they respect themselves and their rights, they will.