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Peak Stupid: Some Trans People Complain That 'Gender-Swap' Apps Are Offensive


And it looks like once again, we've entered brand new realms of ridiculous.

According to ABC News, some transgendered people – i.e., men who think they’re women and vice versa – are upset over popular “gender swap” apps that allow smartphone users to use photo filters to see what they’d look like as the opposite sex.

Ironically, some people who spend their days dressed up as the opposite gender now say these apps…appropriate their gender. 

As an example, ABC points to 31-year-old Bailey Coffman, a biological man who thinks he’s a woman, who says the apps are offensive because "my gender is not a costume."

“Some say [the app] reduces their very real and often painful experiences to folly,” ABC explains.

The article does note, however, that some transgender people think the apps are actually helpful by allowing trans people to “see” what they’d look like as the gender they want to be.

But ABC's not the only one claiming some trans people find the apps problematic. Over at Out Magazine, writer Rose Dommu claims the filter "makes a joke out of transitioning."

"This filter is literally an instant transition, and the humorous way I’m seeing it shared is…not cute," Dommu claims.

“Before you post your next manipulated selfie, maybe take a second to wonder: is it funny to imagine what you’d look like as a woman? Because that thought is all that gets some folks out of bed in the morning.”

But many people on Twitter are claiming that rather than being an example of true LGBT outrage, this "news" is actually an instance of the media trying to gin up a controversy that…well, doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

Whether an example of actual anger or a media-manufactured temper tantrum, we should all be able to agree on at least one thing: we have officially reached peak stupid.

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