Peak Degeneracy: Christina Aguilera Pride Performance Costume Features Plastic Penis

Wallace White | June 14, 2022
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Whatever else they’re proud of during “Pride Month,” the LGBTers certainly seem to be pleased with their own degeneracy. And Christina Aguilera definitely likes to play along. 

According to Pink News, at the LA pride event on June 11, the pop singer gave the revelers “what they wanted.” She donned a “green ensemble that featured a massive jewel-encrusted strap-on and chest plate with sculpted abs.” 

Truly, high fashion, and the behavior of a completely normal, well-adjusted, and mentally stable person. 

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This sort of thing makes Aguilera, according to Rachel Badham of Pink News, “a true icon” of the LGBT community. Yeah, maybe the Icon of sin but nothing else quite frankly. 

The article makes sure you know that the LGBT community was enthralled by Aguilera’s phallic outfit, listing many tweets. During her set, she took a jab at the criminally-mischaracterized “don’t say gay” bill by playing a “video montage and dancers holding signs that read ‘say gay’.” Can’t expect a pop star to know the first thing about state legislation, but it was nevertheless emblematic of the cultural imperialism of the LGBT agenda. 

Perversion and debauchery – what’s not to be proud of.