'Peace-Loving' Leftists Bette Midler & Ethan Klein Urge Violence Against NRA

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 31, 2022
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Sometimes, it’s tough to turn the other cheek, especially when one’s adversaries never cease their attacks, never appear to have any valid justification for their attacks, promote the destruction of the individual and free will, and never hold themselves to their own standards.

So what are we to think of two people who represent two generations of leftist media, when both of them protest violence against innocents by… advocating armed confrontation and aggressive violence against innocent conservatives and libertarians?

Such is the case with 76-year-old singer-actress Bette Midler, who pushed for armed confrontation, and 36-year-old YouTuber Ethan Klein, who advocated a violent attack.

As Dave Urbanski writes for The Blaze, following the recent mass murder in Uvalde Texas, and prior to the NRA convention in Houston this weekend, Midler decided to weigh-in.

Anti-gun leftist entertainer Bette Midler took to Twitter on Wednesday and told people to ‘come armed’ to a possible protest at the National Rife Association's convention in Houston this weekend.

Specifically, she tweeted:


Perhaps she was attempting to appear deftly ironic, but an anti-gun mouthpiece recommending that people come armed seems a bit… contradictory.

But, heck, that’s the way it is, at the root, for people who advocate against “gun violence” by suggesting that armed agents of the state take our guns. They actually advocate for gun-backed violence against peaceful people who just want to be left alone.

And it’s consistent for this woman, who is so “peace-loving” that in 2019, she said people should be “more grateful” for the neighbor who feloniously attacked Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

In her recent Twitter-spout, she also claimed that repealing the Second Amendment was a “great idea.”

Again, meaning she would have the state attack people who peacefully own their own means of self-defense.

She might want to look into history to see how that’s turned out for tens of millions of innocent people who have been targeted by their governments, rounded up, and exterminated.

But, hey, at least anti-gun-rights Bette this time only advocated bringing firearms to the NRA convention. A few decades removed from her elderly lot, YouTube creator Ethan Klein openly said in a livestream that someone ought to BOMB the site of the NRA gathering.

As Ashley St. Clair reports for The Post Millennial:

YouTuber Ethan Klein called for the NRA conference in Texas to be bombed. ‘Saw there was a big protest outside the NRA meeting which was good,’ Klein said Friday. ‘Do we have any insight into what they’re actually talking about there at the NRA meeting that’s today in Texas? Someone should bomb that building.’

Insight seems sorely lacking in much of what this gun-grab guru gushes.

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St. Clair also recalls that Klein’s hypocrisy is massive. He sells shirts emblazoned with the line “End Gun Violence”, but advocates violence, in not very humorous fashion:

His calls for violence also don't end with his bombing proposal. Klein encouraged his young audience to engage in physical confrontation with NRA supporters and Republicans.

‘More people need to be getting loud, more people need to be getting angry, getting in people’s f*cking faces,’ he said.

Klein further encouraged violence against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is paralyzed, saying, ‘I hope that someone puts a stick in his f*cking wheelchair and he tumbles out of his seat…send Abbott down a hill with nobody to hold the back of his wheelchair.’

However one feels about  Abbott, perhaps recommending that someone physically harm him is a bit over the top? Perhaps YouTube might go after him the way they’ve hit many conservatives, libertarians, and anti-war advocates over the years?

Many YouTubers have been banned or demonetized for much less offensive violations of YouTube’s guidelines, but Klein has been accused of receiving special treatment from YouTube. His account received strikes for violating the platform's harassment policy in 2021, but he's received no significant, lasting consequences for his dangerous behavior.


Klein routinely calls for the banning or demonetization of fellow YouTubers. In a video just last month titled ‘The LaBrant Family Should Be Kicked Off YouTube,’ Klein demanded a family channel be removed for posting a pro-life documentary.

Well, this time, this time, YouTube appears to have suspended Klein’s channel. Klein has made this claim on Twitter, even as he doubled down, saying (edited for profanity):

Conservatives got triggered over jokes I told & mass reported me. I got banned for a week and the episode was removed. If only they cared about dead kids as much as they do jokes… So I wanna say sorry. Sorry y’all are such pathetic snowflakes. Fuck the NRA & f**k Abbott


The decisions to silence or not to silence people on their video platform are up to the folks at YouTube, but there are deep problems with the corporation and its parent, Google-Alphabet, and how they show incredible inconsistency in who they censor, and for how long.

Likewise, for the leftist “peace” mob, who advocate violence against those who truly do want to be left alone to own tools of self-defense.

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