'Pay Attention World': Freedom Convoy Leaders, Protesters Being Arrested After Trudeau's Power Grab

Nick Kangadis | February 18, 2022
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It didn’t take long for actions resulting from authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Blackface” Trudeau’s enactment of the Emergencies Act to rear its ugly head.

Video and pictures are being posted to social media displaying Ottawa police, and possibly officers of the federal variety, not only attempting to stop any growth of the Freedom Convoy protests and supporters of their cause, but also reportedly arresting leaders of the movement.

The following video shows a police checkpoint, one of allegedly around 100, being used to try and ascertain if people are trying to join the protests. An officer can be heard asking motorists where they’re going, essentially restricting movement.

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A verified Twitter account belonging to “Canadian” Joe Warmington posted pictures of an arrest taking place involving Tamara Lich, a woman the Daily Mail referred to as “the main organizer of the [Freedom Convoy] protest.”

The Canadian government-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on Thursday that fellow “key organizer(s) of the so-called Freedom Convoy” Chris Barber was also arrested, separately from Lich. The CBC also wrote that “Their arrests were among several made Thursday and Friday.

Both Lich and Barber are reportedly scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

Noted Canadian professor and philosopher Dr. Jordan Peterson quote retweeted video of another alleged protester being arrested, taken away from the crowd and placed into a vehicle, simply writing, "Pay attention world."

It’s absolutely abhorrent that Trudeau and his fellow bureaucrats are doing almost everything within their power to squelch dissent from their draconian edicts, constantly doubling-down on them instead of creating any kind of dialogue between the federal government and the protesters.

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