Pause for a Moment: ABC's 'The Good Doctor' Uses Puberty Blockers to Push Transgender Agenda

Nick Kangadis | February 8, 2018
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The news media aren't the only ones on television pushing an agenda-driven narrative. There are tons of shows and movies all over the entertainment landscape that promote liberal propaganda with dangerous--and sometimes hilariously ridiculous--motives on a daily basis.

Monday’s episode of the ABC series “The Good Doctor” — in which the main character of the show is Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young doctor with autism — a case came up in which a supposed girl named Quinn visited the emergency room complaining of internal pain, but when the patient was examined, Dr. Murphy found that the “girl” had all the parts of a boy.

Turns out the pain that prompted Quinn’s ER visit resulted from the unfortunate diagnosis of testicular cancer resulting from his/her parents allowance of the use of puberty blockers.

Watch as MRCTV's Nick Kangadis calls out the highly-acclaimed show for its use of puberty blockers as a way of pushing the transgender agenda.

Source: MRC Culture

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