Patriotic Hong Kong: Protesters Wave U.S. Flags, Sing Anthem While Asking Trump to 'Liberate Hong Kong'

Nick Kangadis | September 9, 2019
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Another week, another round of protests in Hong Kong. While Hong Kong is a Chinese territory, the people there have been and continue to protest in an effort to maintain some kind of separation from China.

Some of the protesters have even resorted to wearing black as well as masks during their efforts. The difference between Hong Kong’s black-clad protesters and U.S. black-clad protesters is that the Hong Kong representation seems to respect the U.S. and our way of life much more than the Antifa thugs who resort to terrorizing people they refuse to talk to that they disagree with ideologically.

On Sunday, thousands of protesters in Hong Kong took to the streets once again in order to voice their continued displeasure with an extradition bill, which Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam pledged to withdraw last week.

Despite the proposed withdrawal, protesters have continued their activism “to include direct calls for elections for the city’s leaders and an independent probe into alleged police brutality against protesters,” according to the Washington Times.

The Times also reported:

Protesters flooded a park in central Hong Kong, chanting “Resist Beijing, Liberate Hong Kong” and “Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom.” Many of them, clad in black shirts and wearing masks, waved American flags and carried posters that read “President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong” as they marched to the U.S. Consulate nearby[…]

Protesters on Sunday urged Washington to pass a bill, known as the Hong Kong Democratic and Human Rights Act, to support their cause. The bill proposes sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese officials found to suppress democracy and human rights in the city, and could also affect Hong Kong’s preferential trade status with the U.S.

During the Sunday demonstrations, protesters also waved American flags with pride and some even sang the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Watch below:

It’s not the first time that protesters could be heard singing the U.S. national anthem. For the last month or so, protesters have been using U.S. symbols, like the anthem and the flag, as their own symbols of freedom.

The video below is from early August:


When people on the other side of the Earth show more pride in traditional American symbols than a lot of Americans, it’s both a sad statement on said Americans and a positive statement on what those symbols still mean to many across the world. Heck, the protesters have less of a problem attempting to communicate and work with Trump than members of our own U.S. Congress do.


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