'Pass A Resolution Banning It' - Loudoun County Parents Fight Critical Race Theory

Jessica Kramer | May 27, 2021
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Loudoun County School Board may be soon among the most famous school boards in the United States – not because it’s the richest county, but because of the multiple viral videos of pissed off parents that have come out due to the school board’s inept handling of the coronavirus situation in the schools. But now, other issues like critical race theory have moved to the forefront. 

Critical race theory is a recent trend of "educational" propaganda pushed by leftists to claim that America and its institutions are inherently racist. Loudoun County parents are concerned the theory will wind up in their children’s classrooms.

MRCTV went to speak with outraged parents and other activists on Tuesday where a recall signature drive was in full force prior to the school board meeting. 

One parent who spoke at the meeting said, “You say you ‘don’t teach critical race theory, implement critical race theory,’ - well we call on you to pass a resolution banning it. You shouldn’t have a problem if you’re not using it, right? But you can do less than that. You can simply pass a resolution to make sure that all materials for teaching training and student teaching are online for the school year. Transparency. What’s so problematic about that?” 

Another parent, Amy Jahr, is frustrated by the silence of the school board. Jahr wants the school board members to restore the community they’ve fractured and fix it, or be voted out. 

“You guys keep ignoring us, keep spinning the truth, cause we’re going to keep getting louder and larger,” Jahr said. “It’s happening in every single signature that we collect for the recall of six of you. It’s an ever-growing army of ordinary folks just like me and they are done being deceived and they are done being silent.”

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