Parkland Victim's Dad: If You Don't Want Armed Teachers, 'Go To Another School'

Brittany M. Hughes | February 28, 2018
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Andrew Pollack, whose 18-year-old daughter Meadow was killed in the Valentine’s Day shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, told CNN he supports a Florida measure that would establish a statewide program to train teachers and faculty to carry concealed weapons in schools, adding that those who don’t like the plan can choose to send their kids to a gun-free school instead.

“One of the suggestions in this bill is to train and arm teachers – 10 teachers in each school. The governor’s against that. Where are you?” CNN's reporter asked Pollack Wednesday, as Stoneman Douglas' reopened its doors exactly two weeks after the mass shooting that left 17 people dead.

“Ok, what you’re telling me, it’s not…it’s fake. Whatever you’re hearing, it’s not correct,” Pollack answered. “In the bill, it’s a marshal program. It’s a volunteer program—"

“—of teachers,” the reporter interrupted.

“Any teachers. It’s not a specific number. There could be only one teacher in the whole school,” Pollack corrected.

“But I have the answer for everybody that’s all up in arms about that. This is America and it’s freedom of choice. You have the choice to go to any school you want. So my answer to them is, if you don’t want a teacher or a marshal or someone with a gun in your school, you go to a gun-free school zone. That’s where you go. You take your kid and you go to another school that has a gun-free zone, and you take them there. And then the parent that wants to go to a school where there’s a Marshall or there’s police present, they send their kid there. And that fixes everything.”


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