Parkland Students Are Bringing Their Gun Propoganda To A City Near You

Jonah Lackey | June 6, 2018

David Hogg, along with the rest of the Parkland gang, have just announced that they will be going on tour this summer now that they don’t have any homework to do.

The "Road To Change" tour will have two phases, one phase will include stops in 50 cities in 20 states around America, the other visiting every congressional district in Florida.

The tour aims to “register young people to vote and educate them on the reforms to save our lives, and whether their local elected officials support these reforms or support the NRA.”

Of course, by “reforms to save our lives” they mean, “destroying your right to protect yourself.”

If you’re familiar with the Parkland activists and their activities, then you already know what to expect on this tour: lots and lots of NRA hatred.

While an official, full list of stops has yet to be released publically, the March For Our Lives website claims that the students are “Going to places where the NRA has bought and paid for politicians who refuse to take simple steps to save our lives — and we’ll be visiting a number of communities that have been affected by gun violence to meet fellow survivors and use our voices to amplify theirs.”

Brace yourself, the propaganda tour starts in Chicago on June 15.