Parents Protest Continued Mask Mandates At Loudoun County School Board Meeting

Jessica Kramer | January 26, 2022
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The continued student mask mandate was the hot topic at the Loudoun County VA school board meeting Tuesday evening. As parents and students rallied outside and dozens of people signed up to speak on the issue during public comment.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s recent executive order has allowed parents to opt out of school mask mandates but many schools are still continuing to enforce the measures. Some parents and students claim Loudoun schools are treating students who choose not to wear masks unfairly.

With some school officials dividing unmasked students from the rest of the student body, parents have many questions about how schools are handling the issue.

Fox DC reports that Loudoun County school district spokesperson Wayde Byard said no students were sent home Monday for not wearing masks. However, Byard admitted maskless students were segregated from the rest of the school body.

Students told MRCTV about harassment and bullying they are going through behind school doors, with some parents alleging the treatment has reached the criminal level.

Watch the MRCTV video above to hear what students and parents have to say about how Loudoun County is handling the mask situation.

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