Parents Erupt After a Kindergarten Teacher Holds a 'Gender Reveal' Event For a Trans Student

Brittany M. Hughes | August 22, 2017
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A local school board in Rocklin, California is catching a lot of flack from parents after a teacher took it upon herself to host a “gender reveal” ceremony for a trans kid in her kindergarten class.

Her kindergarten class.

After hearing that their five-year-old kids had been subjected to forcible brainwashing by their teacher, Rocklin Academy parents flocked to the school board meeting on Monday demanding answers.

According to a local CBS News report, the teacher had decided, with no parental input, to read to her class two children’s books on transgenderism, which she said had been given to her by a biologically male kindergartener going through a “transition.”

Again. A kindergartener.

After reading the books, the trans student in question apparently changed clothes and “was revealed as her true gender,” according to parental complaints.

One mother said her daughter came home confused and traumatized after the event, convinced she was going to turn into a boy. Others complained that it should be up to parents to decide when and how to broach such a sensitive and complicated topic with their children.

Children who – once more, with feeling – are KINDERGARTENERS.

While the teacher said she’s sorry she caused such an uproar, she claims she was only trying to help her students through a “difficult situation.” Another teacher suggested it was “dangerous” to start banning books –despite the fact that the book in question was about a highly controversial topic, and the students in question were likely all under the age of six.

The school has so far stood behind the teacher’s decision despite parents’ complaints, maintaining that the books were age-appropriate and that no parental notice is required for teachers who want to discuss gender identity topics with students.

With kindergarteners.

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