Parents Demand Loudoun County School Board Resign After Child Abuse Allegations Surface

Gabriel Hays | October 13, 2021
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Loudoun County public Schools continue to be a hotbed of disturbing scandal and child abuse. During the Virginia county’s latest school board meeting, outraged parents demanded the resignation of the board’s superintendent over newly-surfaced allegations that a male student in a skirt raped a female student several months ago and the school board covered it up.


Fox News reported on October 13 that around “60 concerned parents, students and residents spoke at the Loudoun County School Board meeting Tuesday evening,” with several of them calling for the resignation of Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler.

One angry parent blasted Ziegler and the school board at the meeting, saying, “This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we will not be silenced. Remove the superintendent immediately and then resign for your negligence and duplicity. End this nightmare!"

The Loudoun County School Board has been the center of a contentious debate between educators and parents who wildly disagree over new school policies. 

In recent months parents have protested the school’s COVID mandates for children, the teaching of Critical Race Theory-based curricula, and have railed against a recent transgender student policy enacted by the board in August, which allows for students to use the restroom that corresponds with their preferred gender identity.

Granted these things are bad and frankly, child abuse in their own right. However, now Loudoun County public schools may be embroiled in a very concrete incidence of child abuse involving a transgender student.

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The Washington Examiner cited allegations from a Daily Wire investigative report which stated that “a ninth-grade female was assaulted in the bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt, according to the girl's father.” This incident occurred on May 28. The boy was “charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, according to the attorney for the girl's father,” the outlet wrote.

Daily Wire’s report implied that the school board and Superintendent Ziegler covered up this incident when confronted by the girl’s father in a June school board meeting. Ziegler apparently claimed the "predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.”

When the girl’s father insisted Ziegler was full of it, he was arrested at the board meeting. 

Though the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office did confirm with Fox News that there was a “May 28, 2021 case that involved a thorough 2-month-long investigation that was conducted to determine the facts of the case prior to arrest.” 




The office claimed they are not able to provide any documents pertaining to the case as it’s “still pending court proceedings.”

What’s more is that another incident of abuse happened months later in October, “15-year-old boy was charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student.” Loudoun County police confirmed that incident as well. 

Parents at the October 12 board meeting accused Ziegler and the school board of covering up these heinous incidents and thus complicit in them. Another parent addressed the school board, stating, “Your moral compasses are busted! You, Dr. Ziegler, and our school board – every one of you – are complicit in these crimes against our children because you did nothing about it, nothing."

If these allegations are proven to be true, it’s hard to see how the school board  and superintendent come out of this scandal unscathed.