Parents, Catholics, Journalists, Whistleblowers – Even You – Will Never Be Safe from Biden’s DOJ, Rep. Jim Jordan Warns

Craig Bannister | June 21, 2023
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“Nothing has changed and, frankly, they’re never going to stop,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Wednesday, warning of the growing danger of Democrats’ ruthless weaponization of government against anyone who dissents or tries to expose them.

"Seven years of attacking Trump is scary enough, but what's more frightening? Any one of us could be next,” Rep. Jordan said at a House Judiciary Committee hearing, where former Special Counsel John Durham testified about his investigation into the FBI’s relentless, indefensible persecution of former President Donald Trump.

In fact, the Justice Department's attacks on average Americans has already started, Jordan said:

“Parents at school board meetings are ‘terrorists.’

“Pro-life Catholics are ‘extremists,’

“Even journalists are aren’t safe.”

Regarding journalists, Jordan explained that Democrats are asking reporters who testify to reveal their sources, in violation of First Amendment principles.

“Parents, Catholics, journalists – but, guess who gets it the worst, guess who gets it the worst - whistleblowers,” Jordan said:

“If you dare come forward and tell Congress what’s going on, look out.

“They will come for you. They will take your clearance, they will take your pay…they will even take your kids’ clothes. Just ask [FBI whistleblower] Garrett O’Boyle, who testified in front of this committee, as well.”

And, it’s not just Justice Department, Jordan explained, recalling how the Biden Administration apparently used the IRS to try to intimidate Journalist Matt Taibbi:

“One of them, Matt Taibbi, while he’s sitting at that table testifying to the Judiciary Committee, the IRS is knocking on his door.”