Palestinian Children Sing About Becoming Martyrs

Stephen Gutowski | June 23, 2010
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This is simply the latest in a long line of disgusting kid's shows coming out of the islamic world which serve to try and create the next generation of jihadists. I pass it along to you all as a not so subtle reminder of exactly the kind of people we are fighting against. Watch and prepare to be disgusted:

According to Israeli newspaper Ynet the jihadi nut behind the video is a "Jordanian-Palestinian businessman" who does this regularly:

The channel has also produced other songs against Israel, such as "The lion cubs of Gaza" and "The upright ones – the return to Palestine."The songs are broadcast over the station which began operating in Bahrain in January 2008. It was established by Jordanian-Palestinian businessman Khaled Maqdad. Maqdad, who formed the kids' band of the same name in 1994, has raised funds over the years to set up the station, which specializes in broadcasting the band's clips. In addition to the children's songs, there are also an abundance of love songs to the homeland and songs praising "heroes like (Sheikh) Ahmad Yassin," the wheelchair bound founder of Hamas whom Israel assassinated in March 2004.
Pretty sickening. This is exactly why we will never be able to negotiate with these extremists. You can't reason and deal with people who encourage their smallest children to blow themselves up on buses or in crowded markets. These extremists hate the US, Israel, and the rest of the west. They will do anything to destroy us. They will gladly sacrifice their own small children. They wont give up and we can't give in to them.