Pa. Police Officer Fired as Wal-Mart Security Guard After Carrying Weapon in Store

Tyler McNally | January 23, 2017
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A Pennsylvania police officer is in the midst of suing a local Wal-Mart after reportedly being fired for carrying an officially-issued weapon while on-duty.

Michael Zuby worked at the Wal-Mart, when off-duty from the police force, as a security guard - so the news that he had been fired because he carried his weapon, while in official uniform and on-duty, came as a shock.

The Wal-Mart store's official policy states that employees are "never allowed to carry a gun while on the property," which makes Zuby's case all the more interesting.

WREG News reports that "Zuby explained he was required by law to carry the gun while on-duty as an officer. According to the lawsuit, store managers told the police department not to send Zuby to the store if police were called. The police chief refused the request."

Zuby's lawsuit is still ongoing.

h/t Reddit

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