PA Gov. Wolf And Dem State Pol Caught On Open Mic Mocking Their Own Mask Charade

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 1, 2020
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PA Governor Tom Wolf is starting to look like a political “flasher," repeatedly exposing himself as a towering elitist hypocrite.

In April, we covered his caustic condescension in posing – sans mask – for a professionally shot video to tell the people he had ordered locked-down that they could take advantage of their wondrous time at home by “reading a book," as if the loss of their earnings, freedom, and livelihoods was somehow akin to a stay-cation.

That came up around the same time that his state Health Department head, Rachel Levine, who had ordered COVID patients put in nursing homes, admitted to moving her grandmother out of a nursing home.

And now, thanks to a hot mic, Megan Fox, of PJ Media, and a Tweet from the Young Republican National Foundation, the world knows just how flippantly Wolf and PA State Rep Wendy Ullman (D) take their own commands, how knowingly hypocritical they are.



In the hot mic footage taken during a press conference at which the two postured and preened as “heroes” for “affordable health care,” Ullman and Wolf can be seen, and heard, laughing about not wearing masks.

Says Wolf:

So, Wendy, I’m gonna take o– I’m gonna take my mask off when I speak so—

To which Ullman replies:

I will, as well. I’m waiting so that we can do a little political theatre.

Wolf replies:


And she laughs.


How nice.

And then she says: 

So that it’s on camera.

Then, it seems that someone notifies to her that she’s near live mics, she glances off-stage, then glances at the two big, tax-provided microphones, points at one, and steps away.

This is what these parasites really think.

This is where they really stand.

This is what they think of your rights, even as Wolf  spends tax money in court to try to keep the lockdowns going.

They laugh.

And laugh.

Perhaps people might want to contact Wolf and Ullman and tell them it’s not funny.