UK Football Org Bans Lesbian Feminist For Posting Biological Truth On Social Media

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 5, 2024
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Political collectivist ideology repeatedly and perennially reveals its internally contradictory nature.

Its proponents use coercion and threats to purportedly “help” the weak and vulnerable.

Its proponents claim to represent the interests and the “cares” of “the people” by negating each person’s ability to show that for which he or she cares and to what degree.

Its proponents centrally plan “the economy,” pick and choose winners and losers and claim that their actions are “good,” when “good” and “bad” in the market only can be determined by individuals making free choices.

And, of course, their Cultural Marxist tendencies see them claim to be inclusive and accepting – sooo “inclusive and accepting” that they support fantasy over reality and banish anyone who dares mention that there is a real world, that there are real facts, and that there are real consequences for disregarding them.

Thus, we see this frightening entry into the long parade… A massively popular, government-connected, UK-based “football league” that not only banned a woman because she posted on social media the truth that men and women are born biologically distinct and remain male or female for life, but found out where she lived and saw the COPS MONITOR HER.

She is Linzi Smith, she is a fan of Newcastle United, a soccer club based in the north of England, and The Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner has her story:

“A female football fan was banned from matches over social media posts that were deemed transphobic after a ‘Stasi’ spying investigation by the Premier League.

A special unit set up to root out racism in the game was used to comb through comments made by Linzi Smith, a gender-critical Newcastle United supporter, even though the posts had nothing to do with football. Gender-critical people believe transgender women are not women.”

In other words, they believe that men are not women. But, let’s continue with this tale of woke “inclusiveness” from the Premier League.

“Ms Smith, who is gay and promotes lesbian, gay and bisexual rights and women’s rights, was put under investigation by the police, the Premier League and Newcastle United after expressing strong views on trans ideology on her personal account on X, formerly Twitter.

The 34-year-old was shocked to discover that the Premier League had compiled a dossier detailing where she lives, works and where she walked her dog.”

You read that correctly.

“The 11-page ‘target profile’, marked confidential, included data on ‘associated aliases’ and ‘vulnerabilities’.

She was interviewed under caution by police after the dossier was handed to officers by Newcastle United. Officers took just two hours to inform her that she had not committed any crime, but the club, which had spent four months looking into her background, revoked her membership and banned her from games until 2026.”

All for the unspeakable transgression of expressing biological reality.

Perhaps the pencil-pushing police-state participants at Premier League, Newcastle United, and the “constabulary” can test their fascist fantasy by risking some funds. Perhaps they can create a “Trans Team” composed of women pretending to be men, and then have those “men” compete against actual men.

Of course, it’s highly likely that the Trans Team will lose, and it’s also highly likely that many of the women could get hurt over the course of a season. It’s also highly likely that the league and Newcastle United will hemorrhage fans and funds, lose broadcast revenue and product sponsorship because of declining interest, and see more and more empty seats at matches.

But it’s all for playing the new game, which isn’t called football, or soccer, or anything other than PRETEND.

And, of course, Premier League might not have to worry as much as a real, free-market-based endeavor, because, as you might have sussed, the league is subsidized by the UK government in the classic “public-private” partnership otherwise known as economic fascism.

And when fans flee, fascists can be counted on to plug the whole. And to spy on and intimidate non-conformists.

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Rayner writes that Ms. Smith has taken legal action to reverse the ban:

“…arguing that her right to exercise gender-critical views is protected in law, and that the Premier League’s trawl of her personal social media account constituted a breach of data protection laws. She told The Telegraph: ‘I’m struggling to believe this has happened to me. It’s mind-blowing that they have gone to such lengths because I have expressed views to which I am entitled on my personal Twitter account.

They have behaved like the Stasi – it was being done so covertly that I didn’t even know what was happening.

They kept telling me they want everyone to feel included – but it appears you’re only welcome if you follow their thought process on everything, and if you don’t you are banned. It is sinister and I feel violated, to be honest.’”

Ahh, the tyranny of the collectivist mind, the politically-conducted act of “inclusion” that “includes” only what the politically-powerful want, and simultaneously forces the “inclusion” of everyone’s tax payments to make the collectivist utopia work.

“Newcastle United began prying into the personal life of Ms Smith, who lives in Newcastle and runs a tea shop with her mother, after receiving a complaint from a fan who said they supported LGBTQ+ organisations and accused her of discrimination against trans people.

The complainant included screenshots of tweets Ms Smith had posted in which she suggested the trans lobby was homophobic because it wanted to ‘trans the gay away’, and that some transgender people were suffering from mental illness.”

And Rayner adds:

“The complainant said Ms Smith’s tweets ‘make a mockery of the trans movement’ and told the club that she had been ‘engaging in conversation with a prominent ‘Terf’: a trans-exclusionary radical feminist’.”

And the tale gets darker:

Internal emails discussing her case – which she obtained by submitting a subject access request to the club – detailed a four-month investigation that culminated in her being banned.

“’When I go to a football match, I just talk about football,’ said Ms Smith. ‘But I have been banned because the club thinks just having to sit near me is bad – someone you disagree with.’

Days after she received the email, two police officers came to her home wanting to interview her. She refused to let them in, but when they said they had grounds to arrest her she agreed to attend a police station the next day. There, she was interviewed under caution about her tweets for 25 minutes.

‘I felt quite dizzy and sick afterwards,’ she said. ‘I was shaking. I had to sit in my car for about 20 minutes before I could drive.’”

Of course, Ms. Smith is confronting some titanic adversaries. Both Newcastle United and Premier League are massive and well-heeled. And then there are the coppers who helped in the surveillance and targeting. Those who operate in the government sphere rarely see decreases in their funds as a result of their malicious activity.

In fact, they usually get to define what is and is not “malicious,” and, here, it is the innocent woman whom they are targeting.

But, perhaps, as more of these stories reach us on the web (despite political attempts to stop the free flow of information) we can help more friends and family members see these examples of collectivism.

And perhaps we can help others see the larger, self-defeating, problem of using the aggression of political collectivism to supposedly “protect the vulnerable.”

All that does is make us all like Ms. Smith – vulnerable to political attack.

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