Newsom’s Collectivist CA Mandates Crazy, Costly “Climate Emissions” Reports From Many Companies

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 11, 2023
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California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) Saturday signed into enforceable “law” SB 253, a statute heavily pushed by its primary sponsor, leftist State Senator Scott Weiner (D-SF), and passed in September.

Entitled “The Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act,” it will breach many portions of the Bill of Rights, and impose inestimable costs – and it also appears to be part of a puzzle that, like the puzzles we might have fit together when we were kids, is producing a very forbidding picture that could be important to perceive.

The statute builds on fantastical “globalist” claims of “anthropogenic climate change” – a mythical, constantly delayed, apocalypse that politicians and their university and media boosters tell us is driven by CO2, nitrogen, methane, and water vapor -- also known as the erroneously labeled “climate change/greenhouse gas emissions.” The doomsayers have bandied about their fictive terminology, manipulated data, and “theory-as-fact” rhetoric for decades. In fact, SB 253 builds on the 2006 California “Global Warming Solutions Act,” tells the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to create a “reporting organization” that receive from these newly victimized businesses the “emissions” info, and states, in part: “This bill would require the state board, on or before January 1, 2025, to develop and adopt regulations requiring specified partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, and other business entities with total annual revenues in excess of $1,000,000,000 and that do business in California, defined as ‘reporting entities,’ to publicly disclose to the emissions reporting organization…”

Report what?

Emissions. Emissions which they have not proven to be harming other people’s lives or causing “climate change doom,” but which, like many fiction-pushers do, the globalist-climate-doomsayers have split into sparkling complicated detail called “Scope One, Scope Two, and Scope Three Emissions.”

Pay no attention to the underlying fallacy, the fiction as been split into deeper subsets of fiction, giving it a patina of authenticity.

If you’d like to know what these “emission categories” are, you could have visited the World Economic Forum’s site covering them, but Klaus Schwab’s minions have removed that page.

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Instead, here is leftist’s explanation, which heavily promotes the myth of “greenhouse gas – GHG – emissions”. All of these will be part of the “reporting” requirement Newsom will be imposing in California:

“Scope 1 Emissions: Scope 1 emissions encompass direct GHG emissions that result from sources that are owned or controlled by the organization. These emissions are produced from activities such as burning fossil fuels on-site (e.g., company-owned vehicles, boilers, furnaces) and other processes like chemical reactions that occur within the organization's boundaries.

Scope 2 Emissions: Scope 2 emissions include indirect GHG emissions resulting from the generation of purchased electricity, heat, or steam consumed by the organization. These emissions occur outside of the organization's direct operational control but are associated with the energy it purchases and uses.

Scope 3 Emissions: Scope 3 emissions encompass all other indirect GHG emissions that occur in the value chain of the organization. These emissions are associated with activities and sources both upstream and downstream from the organization…”

And what does THAT mean? If you work in one of the targeted California businesses, you’ll want to know, because knowing the scope of this draconian invasion of privacy could inspire you to… leave California. explains:

“• Upstream: Purchased goods and services, transportation of goods, extraction and production of purchased materials, and employee commuting.

• Downstream: Use and disposal of products sold by the organization, investments, and other activities related to the organization's products during their lifecycle.”

Isn’t it nice to see the granular way in which the shakedown artists have created their shakedown categories within the framework of their unsupported fantasy?

At least the pirates are thorough.

As Sophie Austin reports for The Associated Press:

“The law requires more than 5,300 companies that operate in California and make more than $1 billion in annual revenues to report both their direct and indirect emissions. That includes things like emissions from operating a building or store as well as those from activities like employee business travel and transporting their products.”

All of which sets off alarm bells for people familiar with the US and California constitutions.

Pitted against the US Constitution, SB 253 is a stunning infringement of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, the former protecting the private property of business owners and employees from inspection/search by government agents unless a judge publicly issues a warrant allowing police to search for a particular item. The latter protects Americans from all levels of government compelling their speech.

The California Constitution also protects free speech, in Article One, Section Nine, of the document.

SB 253 clearly compels speech.

Additionally, the lack of any legal warrant to get this private business data indicates that the politicians know they have no standing as individuals to claim tortious “harm” to themselves or their own property due to CO2, nitrogen, methane, or water vapor “emissions.”

Since private parties have not brought these or other California companies to court for “damages” (which the politicians unjustifiably purport and erroneously claim could be caused by these “emission”) no one can cite the gasses or the “emitters” as problems and weigh those “problems” against their obvious ties to beneficial human progress.

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If a jury actually had heard a private damage claim and found for the defendant, then a penalty-cost could be affixed to the “pollutant” and markets could respond via insurance, air-clearing tech investments, etc. So-called “costs” and benefits would become part of the REAL market, if that were truly necessary.

But this is not how Newsom and the CA government are going about it. Instead, like technocratic overlords, they are preemptively and presumptively claiming that, simply by engaging in business – by simply traveling to work or turning on a light – folks at these companies are guilty of egregious climate “sins.”

And their political efforts are part of this larger puzzle. The puzzle-piece represented by SB 253 fits in with the widescale globalist attempt to impose a “carbon tax” on all of us, and that, in turn, is tied to the fictitious government-created fairytale called “cost of carbon,” an arbitrary “price” that the feds have attached to carbon-dioxide emissions since the Obama Administration.

As I reported for MRCTV in April, under Obama, the political pirates claimed that carbon-dioxide emissions “cost” the world $59.00 per metric ton. Again, this had nothing to do with any actual damage, was predicated on the fiction of CO2 being a driver of the already fictive “anthropogenic climate change apocalypse,” and was a part of this larger puzzle to eventually mandate “carbon taxes” which the government would “base” on their out-of-whole-cloth “cost of carbon.”

To his dishonor, Donald Trump did not eliminate the EPA’s “cost of carbon” fairytale; he merely reduced the arbitrary government “price tag” to $7.00 per metric ton. Since that time, the Biden Administration EPA has raised it, to $61.00.

And, as The AP’s Austin notes, the federal government is paving the way for this kind of “emissions” reporting, via the Constitution-insulting Securities and Exchange Commission:

“The federal rules, proposed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, would require major public companies to report their emissions and how climate change poses a financial risk to their business.”

So, we can see the pieces they are fitting together, and those pieces now include California’s “reporting requirement,” SB 253. The puzzle-picture is becoming clearer and clearer. It is an ugly image, drawn by political hands using rhetorical brushstrokes and a palate of imaginary environmental hobgoblins. Politicians like Scott Weiner, Gavin Newsom, and Joe Biden are fitting together the puzzle chunks via their statutes and invasive orders, and they are coming closer and closer to finishing their “great work.”

We must understand: the image on that puzzle is a set of green bars – behind which free markets and our freedom will be trapped.