New 'Climate Czar' Podesta's Brother May Benefit From Biden's Gas 'Pause'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 18, 2024



If Americans thought that John Podesta’s anti-freedom career – ranging from his ties to the 1972 presidential campaign of leftist George McGovern, to his work with brother, Tony, co-founding of a leftist DC lobbying firm, to his work as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, to his “chairmanship” of the Hillary Clinton presidential run, to his founding of the leftist, government-connected, smear-monster “Center for American Progress” – was not sufficiently antithetical to their rights and savings, the latest revelation about the man and his new position replacing “Climate Czar” John Kerry might just do the trick.

It threatens our wallets...and it hints of nepotism, to boot.

The story traces back three weeks, when many freedom-defenders read about Joe Biden “pausing” federal “permission” for more Liquified Natural Gas terminals in the US.

People familiar with economics recognized that move as interference in the market process of supply (in this case, the supply of storage depots) meeting demand (for storage of LNG as a means to ship, insure against future shortage, and more) that will increase domestic prices and depress domestic LNG profitability, as well as depress all the integrated and associated industries tied to US natural gas suppliers.

People familiar with the US Constitution might have recognized the fact that the government’s “rule book” doesn’t allow Biden to engage in that prohibitive and thuggish activity.

People familiar with economics, the Constitution, and morality might have recognized all those things, and also acknowledged that, even if the Constitution were amended to allow Biden to block the storage of anything anywhere, such interference would not be moral.

Which brings us to that pillar of morality, John Podesta.

As Alana Goodman reports for The Washington Free Beacon, the Biden move appears to exhibit unsavory connections to left-leaning globalist interests, and also appears to hand big indirect benefits Mr. Podesta’s brother and former partner, Tony.

She notes:

“John Podesta played a major role in ushering in the new LNG policy, sources told the Washington Free Beacon, a move that is seen as a political giveaway to green energy activists in the Democratic Party base. Deep-pocketed left-leaning donors, including charities funded by the Rockefeller brothers and Michael Bloomberg, have poured millions of dollars into environmental groups that lobbied to cut off new LNG permit approvals, the Wall Street Journal reported.

But the decision could also boost current and former clients of Podesta’s brother, Washington power-lobbyist Tony Podesta, who has long represented foreign companies involved in the LNG industry.”


Ol’ “Amtrak Joe” claimed to be so up on “climate science” and so concerned about the bogeyman theory of “anthropogenic climate change” that he not only impeded additional exploration for, and recovery of, natural gas in his first days in office, and he not only pumped up an artificial, arbitrary claim that there is a so-called “cost of carbon” that the government wants to force into corporate financial decisions, three weeks ago, he appeared to single-handedly halt those magical new “federal permits” for LNG storage.

And now we learn that it wasn’t just his idea. His own enviro-sorcerer, that wonderful new “Climate Czar” John Podesta was involved, and the move to throttle domestic energy companies under the guise of “climate” stands to benefit none other than John’s bro, Tony.

Because Tony’s lobbying firm represents competing foreign LNG interests.

Writes Goodman:

“Over the past decade, Tony Podesta’s client roster has included LNG group Golden Pass, which is co-owned by the state-run QatarEnergy, and the Bulgarian company Protos Energy, which reportedly hired him to work on LNG-related issues.

Since 2022, Tony Podesta’s firm has raked in over $1 million from Gemcorp, an investment fund that was barred from working on a Bulgarian LNG and energy development project due to the company’s links to Russia.”

And, as the Biden Administration has told us, Russia is pure evil, so no one anywhere should do business with anyone in or near Russia, or who has a name that even sounds Russian.

"’It's no secret that John Podesta is the person behind this moratorium,’ one energy industry insider told the Free Beacon. ‘Congress should take a very hard look at the fact that his own brother stands to financially benefit from a restriction of U.S. LNG on the global market, whether it be from his past work with the Qataris or current reported work with Russian-backed entities with interest in LNG.’”

And the insider told the Free Beacon:

"Less U.S. LNG on the global market will ensure Qatar and Russia receive hundreds of billions of dollars that would otherwise go to the U.S."

The latest in this shadow-play that could see Tony’s clients reap big rewards while we suffer higher prices is that Congress Thursday voted to strip Biden of his claimed “powers” over whether new LNG depots can be built and where.

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Thomas Catanacci reports for Fox News:

“The House voted Thursday afternoon in favor of stripping the Biden administration's authority to permit natural gas export projects in a blow to the president's climate agenda.

In a 224-200 vote, the House approved the so-called Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act, with 215 Republicans and nine Democrats voting in favor.”

And Catanacci adds:

“Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, who chairs the House Energy Action Team, introduced the legislation on Feb. 1, arguing that it would ultimately overturn President Biden's recent actions pausing permits for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects.

‘Just last year, President Biden told the Europeans that they needed to get off Russian gas and that the U.S. would supply their liquid natural gas needs. Now that it is an election year, he is reneging on that deal to appease his radical climate base,’ Pfluger told Fox News Digital ahead of the vote.”

Pfluger also told Fox News Digital that two-thirds of the world’s natural gas is produced in four countries: Russia, Iran, the United States, and Qatar.”

So, of course, if potential US supply is suppressed, the competitors stand to profit – as do the interests tied to John Podesta’s brother, Tony.

This raises many questions, from the perverse political push behind the “climate change” canard, to the political demonization of petrochemical fuels, to the federal fascism of “pork spending” on electric vehicles and unreliable, inefficient, wind and solar “power,” to the “regulatory” threats targeting traditional car makers, and sundry other gangland tactics employed by governments, to this latest Biden Administration attempt to block the natural growth of LNG storage capacity, one of the key lessons to take away lies not just in the fact that these moves appear to be corrupt, but in the facts that they are unconstitutional and immoral from the outset.

We now can attach more names to the list of possible wrongdoers who benefit while they work to harm us, and we can utilize our easy recognition of those names and faces as memory-triggering tools to keep this story in mind.

The long-term lessons about freedom will come to mind, as well.

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