Low-Staffed US Military & Kaiser Permanente Want Un-Jabbed To Return

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 28, 2024
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They are unforgettable: the offensive and shocking reports of America’s biggest “healthcare” provider, Kaiser Permanente, firing and then using security guards to remove skilled nurses who would not conform to the unmerited, illogical, government-promoted, government-funded Big Pharma mRNA COVID jabs...

The stunning reports that the U.S. government was commanding members of the military to take the unproven, auto-immune-response-creating, gene-vector injections or face discharge or other disciplinary action...

The infuriating news that politicians in numerous states were ordering emergency workers and those tied to state-funded medical systems to accept the jab, or walk...

Now, after many more Americans know the truth about the improperly conducted so-called drug tests, after many more Americans know the truth about the politically overstated value of the jabs here and in the EU, after many more Americans know the truth about the terrible reactions that still manifest in those who have survived their encounters with the mRNA transfection nightmare, after all the lockdowns and firings and military discharges of the un-jabbed, after the vitriolic dismissal of honest people who showed such wisdom, care, and awareness of the fundamentals of immunology and health?

After all the shutouts and fatuous lies such as Biden’s “pandemic of the unvaccinated” canard…?

You guessed it. The Kaiser gang and many politicians in DC want back those the corporation and Biden military brass excommunicated from their ugly, discredited clubs.

As Andrea Widburg reports for American Thinker:

“(W)hen Joe Biden issued an executive order mandating vaccinations for healthcare workers in facilities receiving federal reimbursement (that means all of them), Kaiser meekly went along with the mandates.

Kaiser did so despite being the largest healthcare provider in America, which means that it has an enormous voice in the medical field. That’s why, in 2021, Kaiser fired all physicians who refused vaccinations and didn’t qualify for exemptions.

Now, though, those mandates are gone, and Kaiser is facing a reckoning in the form of a physician shortage. It’s therefore issued a letter to former Kaiser physicians, essentially begging them to come back…”

Widburg then shows us the May 22 X post of California-based reporter Amy Reichert, which copies the contents of a letter from Kaiser to one of its former physicians, and which also offers a picture of the actual document.

Satisfaction will not be yours if you search the Kaiser message for any sign of a mea culpa, or for some acknowledgement of wrongdoing, or even some hint of a request for forgiveness. Instead, it’s all about policy, as if Kaiser never did anything wrong, never disgraced itself by conforming to the fascist Biden decrees as it appallingly took tax cash and found the jackboots to be an easy fit.

“(V)accination against COVID-19 is no longer required as a condition of employment. While COVID-19 vaccination will not be a requirement of working at Kaiser Permanente, employees will be required to annually verify their COVID-19 vaccination status. We understand that your employment may have ended at Kaiser Permanente because of your non-compliance with the Vaccine Policy. Given the revision to the Vaccine Policy, we wanted to inform you that you are eligible for rehire with Kaiser Permanente for open and available positions for which you are qualified if you chose to reapply (unless you are ineligible for rehire for other reasons unrelated to the non-compliance with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate).”

Such gall is rarely seen except in the halls of government and those corporate parasites that willingly suck off the political teats.

Kaiser fired the unjabbed. Now, the corporation has staffing problems.

C’mon back, ye whom Kaiser showed such utter contempt.

Oh, but it gets richer, thicker, and more angering. Now, members of Congress want the U.S. military to rehire men and women it forced out because those men and women did not accept the mRNA shot.

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How about the members of Congress also acknowledge the Trump March 13, 2020 “medical emergency” Executive Order, the Biden jab mandates, the lockdowns, the travel restrictions at the border, the jab mandates on international truckers, the development of the jabs, the “viral research,” the special “CARES Act” funding of 2020, and much of the profligate pork spending Trump’s replacement pushed – how about Congress stand up and show some backbone and announce that NONE OF IT was in any way close to conforming to their dusty “rule” book of the U.S. Constitution?

Caden Pearson reports for Epoch Times:

“The House Armed Services Committee adopted an amendment in the annual defense policy bill on May 22 that, if cleared through Congress, would force the Pentagon to rehire U.S. troops who were fired for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine.

The measure was adopted late on May 22 by lawmakers on the panel, who marked up and advanced their version of the annual appropriations bill, authorizing a defense budget of $849.8 billion.”

Pearson also notes:

“On May 22, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), who offered the amendment on rehiring veterans separated under the vaccine mandate policy, confirmed its adoption. (…)

‘This amendment seeks to address the loss of skilled, experienced personnel who were willing and able to serve their country and overcome the resistance of the Department in recruiting from this population,’ Ms. Mace said ahead of a panel vote.”

The U.S. military is having a hard time recruiting. One wonders why.

Adds Pearson:

“Congress ended the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in 2022 and last year directed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to create a path back to service for those who were separated for refusing the vaccine.

On April 30, Mr. Austin told the panel that he didn’t know of any efforts to recruit servicemembers who had been previously let go under the mandates. Ms. Mace said on May 22 that this was ‘disappointing.’”

In fact, members of the military who recently refused the mRNA jab but have not been purged still face possible disciplinary action. And, as retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and JAG attorney R. Davis Younts has noted, some of the 264,000 members of the military who refused to get jabbed but who did have their religious exemptions accepted have been denied security clearances or deployments in what appear to be acts of retribution from those in charge. Younts reports that even last year's National Defense Authorization Act unconstitutionally targeted those given exemptions who remained in the military.

On March 5, Epoch Times reported that Undersecretary of Defense Gilbert Cisneros, Jr. told the House Armed Services Committee that, despite the jab mandate being officially rescinded in January of 2023, some men and women who had refused remain locked in disciplinary target-hairs. Yet he claimed that, regardless of the recruiting problems and the loss of 8,500 soldiers and sailors, despite the extension of possible disciplinary action to those the military is currently investigating for refusing the jab but not using a “religious exemption,” the U.S. military was “as strong as ever.”


Pearson notes that the U.S. military is in a state similar to that of Kaiser, but that the move to compel the military to recruit more (Nancy Mace has not spelled out how that can be done) might not pass the full House.

“The measure faces an uncertain future later this year when the committee meets with the Democrat-led Senate Armed Services Committee to reconcile differences in the National Defense Authorization Act before full passage in Congress.

According to the Pentagon, during fiscal year 2023, the military services collectively missed recruiting goals by about 41,000 recruits.”

It’s an infuriating pair of stories, but those who had the courage to steer of the jabs and to stand for principle need not dwell on the insanity of their former employers. They can walk on with the knowledge that they made their own choice, that they have many supporters around the world.