JK Rowling Says She's Willing To Go to Prison For Upholding Gender Reality

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 22, 2023
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As children, perhaps fantasy tales serve the purpose of entertaining us – as forms of enthralling escapism. But, even at early ages, we were better served if adults explained the deeper moral lessons that some authors might have woven into their tales. The true value of fantasy comes when it lifts one beyond fantastic escapism, and offers person-to-person moral communication about the real world. So it’s often sad to see fans of the fantastic just “not get it” when it comes to reality.

Thus, when it comes to the reality of gender, sex, and state-backed threats to make people function according to other people’s fantasies, it seems doubly ironic that one of the most popular fantasy novelists of all time should be attacked by fans – merely for adhering to reality.

Simon Kent reports for Breitbart that the left-leaning “Harry Potter” creator is standing up to potential political thuggery from the Labour Party, which is seeing membership promote a bill that would allow the government to fine and imprison for two years anyone caught “intentionally misgendering” someone.

“Acclaimed author J.K. Rowling has suggested she would ‘happily’ spend two years behind bars for deliberately calling someone by the ‘wrong’ gender pronouns.

The Harry Potter creator, 58, made her stand after it was revealed calling someone by the ‘wrong gender’ could land British people two years in prison under a proposed Labour Party law, according to Mail on Sunday.”

In this, Rowling takes a position similar to Canadian conservative Dr. Jordan Peterson, who stood up to Canadian leftists at his workplace, the University of Toronto, and stood against Bill C-16, which became enforceable statute in 2017 and which allows the Canadian government to punish any state employee or business owner/worker who “intentionally misgenders” a person.

The fact that men and women are made that way by God’s natural biological rules, that, no matter how much a fantasizer might want to roleplay and pretend to be a member of the opposite sex, and no matter how much postmodern Cultural Marxists try to claim there is a difference between “gender” and “sex,” the natural realities exist, regardless, and Rowling is distinguishing herself from many of her former fans, because they not only want to imagine they can make reality conform to their dreams, they want to punish people who will not conform to their state-backed fantasies.

Writes Kent:

“Vowing to toughen up the sentencing guidelines for abuse and violence targeted at trans people, the left-wing opposition party would make attacks motivated by hatred of the victim’s gender identity into ‘aggravated offences.’”

Gosh, who could have imagined that the UK party bellowing lines like “stand up to authority” when they were trying to push people such as PM Thatcher out of political power actually love authoritarianism? Who would have thought it possible that these authoritarians also despise freedom of speech and association?

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It’s almost as if those of us who warned about this years ago are being vindicated.

Similarly, Ms. Rowling might be realizing how officious, closed-minded, and authoritarian many leftist actually are.

After all, she once gave the Labour Party a big donation, and, a few years ago, also might have won over more left-wing Brits by claiming that her “Potter” character Dumbledore was gay, despite not including any reference to that in the novels.

The fact that she has been accepting of homosexuality and made friends with political players on the left now appears to be irrelevant to her detractors, many of whom have called for her name to be decoupled from her very own creation. The jackal-like attacks on her firm stance regarding the nature of man and woman are growing so intense that a recent US museum display about the “Potter” tales saw it remove her name from fantasy SHE invented.

Despite the attacks, Ms. Rowling is standing for reality.

“’I’ll happily do two years if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex. Bring on the court case, I say. It’ll be more fun than I’ve ever had on a red carpet,” Rowling said on X – the platform formerly known as Twitter.”

Those of us who know people intent on believing the fantasy that they can “be” a woman when they were born male, or vice versa, understand that they are decoupled from reality. This is a reality that they cannot change, no matter how many surgeries and chemicals they use to mutilate themselves, and no matter how many times they insist that others be forced by the power of the state to make their speech conform to the fantastic delusion they love.

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It's not surprising that Labour would push this, even as the reality of “misgendering” goes over their heads.

What’s “misgendering” is to perform body-mutilation surgery on people, to use plastic surgery to pretend that people can change reality, and to establish “official” government “policy” regarding the use or misuse of words.

Many years before Ms. Rowling was born, a British author named Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell, warned against this kind of aggressive defiance of truth.

Perhaps he did so because he could see how politicians in his time already were using rhetoric and fakery to tell people lies.