Expanding Unconstitutionality: Census Adds MORE Racial Division Categories

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 1, 2024
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Examples abound of the dismissive manner in which US political officeholders treat their oaths to “protect and defend” the Constitution, and some are more flagrantly evident than others. There are entire departments, such as the Department of Education, that aren’t sanctioned by any enumerated so-called “power.”

In fact, most of them are not permitted without an Amendment to do so.

But one of the most readily recognizable, the one of the biggest “tells” about how government operatives attempt to pander to people by splitting them into various “groups” and dangling tax-funded manna over them, is the US Census. The census itself IS mandated by the so-called “rules of the nation,” but, for years, Americans have had the opportunity to look at the simple, plain language of that provision in Constitution and compare it with the central government’s behavior to adjudge how ridiculous the behavior is.

Now, with a new expansion of the Census Bureau’s so-called “mission,” Americans also can see how easily the DC politicians could recognize and call for and end of the improper activity – and we can acknowledge that most of the politicians are part of the problem.

Suzanne Gamboa reports for NBC that the Census Bureau pseudo-gods this year have decided to split the US population into even more disparate groups, adding “Hispanic/Latino” and “Middle-Eastern/North African” (the meanings of which, of course, are highly debated and will offer hours of after-school “gaming fun” for bored kids).

“For the first time, Hispanic or Latino is listed as one race/ethnicity category and people of Middle Eastern or North African descent will have their own checkbox under new race and ethnicity standards adopted by the Biden administration.”

Which is curious, since the term “race and ethnicity standards” doesn’t appear in the document Biden swore to uphold.

But, hey, he doesn’t uphold pretty much all of it, so why change now?

“Up to now, Hispanics had a two-part question for their identity: They were asked whether they were Hispanic or Latino and then asked to pick a race of white, Black, American Indian or some other race.”


If you detect a certain amount of needless complexity in this process -- almost as if you’re a flying crow, looking down at road detours that government has erected for people, while you can see the direct route to fly – you aren’t alone.

“The change now uses one question for race and ethnicity and allows people to check as many as apply to their identity. Each category has subcategories with examples that may apply and room for those that may not be listed.”

But, at least when Gamboa uses the term “identity,” she doesn’t mean that Americans can fill out their forms with any heritage or race they “feel like” during any flight of fancy.

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Actually, it might be fun seeing people do that, because if Americans did it, en masse, such a disruption in racial targeting would undermine this entire, trite exercise in Cultural Marxism and welfarism.

Adds Gamboa:

“The addition of a Middle Eastern or North African, or MENA, identifier would allow 7 million to 8 million people to no longer have to identify as “white” or “other” on the census and other forms in which such data is collected.”

Why should anyone have to “identify” as anything other than being a resident of a particular state?

According to the strict wording of the US Constitution, the Census is supposed to be an “enumeration” – a COUNTING of people in each state. It is not supposed to break that state population into racial categories, or “male” and “female,” or find out their ages, or know how many people are in each house.

The Census workers could read the document, and so could Biden, if they wanted to bother.

If they could spare the time, they could flip to Article One, Section Two, which reads, in part:

“The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

And, while some politicians might whisper to gullible audiences that the latter portion of the clause allows the Congress to instantiate racial obsession in the Census, the word “ENUMERATION” means what it says, it is A COUNTING, period. It is absurd and fallacious to think or claim that a counting of a population for the purposes of so-called “representation” in Congress can be turned into a massive invasion of privacy and race-baiting system.

Whoever can get the power gets the goods, and splitting people into racial categories allows the politicians to wield tremendous power to hand out money and play favorites.

They aren’t supposed to do that, either, but since when did the Constitution stop the thieves and liars?

“The changes are only the second update by the federal government to categories for data about the American population. The update — the last was in 1997 — of standards used by the federal government for the census and other agencies is meant to better capture the expanding multicultural identity of the country.”

Again, it’s all about handouts and gaming the dirty system. Everyone from Senator Liz Warren (D-MA) to RiNO Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) likely knows this, quite well.

Thus, reports Gamboa:

“’These updated standards are going to help us create more useful, accurate and up-to-date federal data on race and ethnicity,’ said an official with the Office of Management and Budget, who spoke to reporters Tuesday on the condition that the person not be identified.”

The wording of the Constitution doesn’t allow them to do that.

But they have done it for a long time, and much, much more.


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