Even 'Fact-Checkers' Can’t Cover Biden Losing 85,000 Kids & Flying In Migrants

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 24, 2023
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Under Joe Biden’s centralized federal bureaucracy, the migrant flood along the borders of southern US states has become such a pressing problem that many conservatives are starting to acknowledge the wisdom of federalism and of states to handle things unfettered by the feds. And many are acknowledging that, no matter how many old-guard news agencies and how many US bureaus try to hide the truth, this federal immigration bureaucracy is both losing track of vulnerable migrant kids who have been separated from their parents, and also literally flying migrants into and around the US – while trying to keep it quiet.

To see just how impossible it is even for lamestream media to hide the dark results of the Biden immigration insanity, take a look at the Newsweek attempt to “fact-check” a claim that 85,000 “unaccompanied” migrant kids have gone missing from the federal "tracking" system.

In July, Newsweek released a piece by Tom Norton to which they attached a prejudicial headline, implying that there was something, some errant belief, they were going to question.

“Under Joe Biden, Have 85,000 Undocumented Children Gone 'Missing'?”

The natural tendency would be to view that as a query dripping with skepticism, and the Norton piece adopts that tone, as, first, he lays out information on the vast size of the migrant flood, then he mentions that in May a 17-year-old Honduran migrant died while reportedly in U.S. custody, and that the seriousness of the situation is inspiring “some” to fear that immigration is becoming a “partisan issue” – as if it hasn’t been for decades, and implying that some of the troubling border stories are less than authentic and served up merely to gain political strength.

“Incidents like this have at the very least highlighted the treacherousness that children face. Some, however, argue that these stories risk becoming a tool of partisan politics. If that is true, therein lies the possibility that information and data surrounding this phenomenon could become distorted as a result.”

That latter might be true. But why not just report on the issue of the 85,000 missing kids, rather than delay and couch things, and write under the seeming pretense that one is bringing balance to a story that’s being politically manipulated?

After his hemming and hawing, when Norton finally gets to the facts, he CONFIRMS the “conservatives’” claim. First, he tells readers:

“A Facebook post by former U.S. senatorial candidate Peggy Hubbard, posted on 11 July, 2023, read: "85,000 + illegal migrant children have gone 'missing' according to DHS Since Biden took office. MSM [mainstream media] didn't report on this fact, why?"

Norton doesn’t answer that question. Instead, he steadfastly stays on his high horse to act like the “all-seeing journalist” and offers:

“To start, the figure appears to be sourced from a New York Times article, published in February 2023, about migrant children working in jobs that violate labor laws.

The article states that in 2022 there were 130,000 unaccompanied minors who entered the U.S., ‘three times what it was five years earlier’. Although unaccompanied, these minors were not children who had been ‘stolen into the country undetected’ the article read."

But that’s not what the Facebook post claimed. That’s a Snopes-style red herring, claiming something that was not stated and then attacking it.

Norton continues:

“It added: ‘The federal government knows they are in the United States, and the Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for ensuring sponsors will support them and protect them from trafficking or exploitation.’”

All of which seems solid, except that, once we discover the truth – that the kids are unaccounted-for, no one can make any claim about where the kids might be. They could be in Timbuktu.

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Undaunted, Norton adds:

“The Times report also included figures attributed to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) about monitoring checks carried out on all unaccompanied minors who'd been homed after entering the U.S.”

Which merely drags out the length of time it takes for the reader to see that – WHA--? – the claim is 100 percent correct, and verified by the feds.

Writes Norton:

“This is where the 85,000 ‘missing’ figure appears to have come from.

‘While H.H.S. checks on all minors by calling them a month after they begin living with their sponsors, data obtained by The Times showed that over the last two years, the agency could not reach more than 85,000 children," the article read.

‘Overall, the agency lost immediate contact with a third of migrant children.’"

In other words, the HHS LOST THE CHILDREN. One-third of the children it had handled under that system are now MISSING and may never be found by any government apparatchik.

Why not just report on it as a story? Why frame it in the skeptical lens and never actually, openly, state that, well, yeah, this is happening, right now, under this command-and-control insult to states in the south?

And why not acknowledge the fact that the Biden Administration also has been FLYING migrants around the country to resettle them while keeping the resettlements off the official books?

It took a Freedom of Information Act move by the Center for Immigration Studies to uncover the fact that the Biden Administration over the course of a year has facilitated more than 200,000 migrants to fly to airports inside the US. Thanks to CIS author Todd Bensman, we now know:

“A little-known part of the Biden administration's CBP One parole program permits inadmissible aliens to make an appointment to fly directly to airports in the interior of the United States, bypassing the border altogether. Partial data on the program, just obtained by the Center for immigration Studies pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, reveals that more than 200,000 people from four countries have used this direct-flight and parole program over the past year.”

How much press has Newsweek given this? A search inside Newsweek’s engine reveals zero hits for “BPS One program.”

Perhaps they’ll wait a few months, then Mr. Norton can frame the verified information as a possible urban legend.

Amazing. Conservatives now can see that reliance on a central control system to run the immigration systems that the Founders and the Constitution left to the states is a big, big mistake. They can see that not only is the Biden Administration not handling the borders the way people in states like Texas and Florida would like to handle them, the Administration is secretly using taxpayer money to bring in more migrants.

When was the last time you got tax subsidies to move?

For many conservatives, the pain is becoming too much. Their long-standing “bash-head-repeatedly-against-wall” push for the central government to handle immigration is bearing the poisonous fruit one should expect when the centralized system gets into the hands of those who hold quite different views.

And now, as they have on so many major issues, members of the pop media are being forced to face reality – a reality many of us already knew.

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