As Electric Vehicle Sales Keep Plummeting, UK Climate Cultists Blame Mr. Bean

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 20, 2024
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The downward spiral of electric vehicle sales is not limited to the US, but many of the political shills pushing EVs seem less inclined to admit the market truth than they are to shift blame onto those who have expressed realistic criticism.

As we reported in December, despite countless federal subsidies handed to electric vehicle interests, despite what seem to be endless political appearances at EV plants and lots of political (and pop media) jawboning to push the cold-sensitive, expensive, heavy, mineral-dependent rigs, despite US tax “incentives” and the looming threat of US government “emissions standards” (i.e. federal threats targeting car makers and buyers) that will be so stringent by 2032, virtually no vehicle with an internal combustion engine car sales will be legal, consumers are rejecting the EVs, and automakers are rejecting the mirage of an EV future.

In the UK, the latest news reiterates the economic reality.

Breitbart’s Simon Kent reports that auto-dealers are so desperate to get the EV stock off their lots, their average offered discount has more than doubled in a year.

“This Is Money reports the average discount on a new EV in the UK has increased by 204 per cent since last January, citing market analysis by What Car? as dealerships are going to extraordinary lengths to stimulate sluggish sales.”


Looks like a lot of automakers and dealers got suckered by the political hype – hype that consumers rapidly are learning is just that – empty rhetoric. Adds Kent:

“The revelation comes just days after a Lords Committee warned the Government that UK drivers are turning their back on the electric transition.”

But, surely, this must be a phenomenon emerging from the entire auto market, because the UK economy – like the US – is in the trash bin thanks to rampant inflation, rampant government spending, regulations that have restricted petrochemical fuels and raised their costs, and the in-the-red, socialist UK health system? Surely all care sales are bad, and to single-out EVs is unfair?

Kent refers to “What Car?” once more to debunk such a claim:

“Analysis of the discounts available through What Car?’s New Car Deals service has revealed that, from January 2023 to January this year, the average cash and finance discount on EVs rose from 2.4 per cent to 7.5 per cent.

On average, this equated to dealers knocking an extra £3,149 off the list price of an electric car, taking the total saving to £4,603.

Its market research also shows that the growth in EV discounts in the past 12 months has far outstripped those for petrol, diesel and hybrid models.”

But, of course, Brits and Americans observing this trend shouldn’t get the idea that consumers are making up their own minds and exercising what’s left of their freedoms -- that, despite politicians taking their money to subsidize the manufacture of many EV lines, consumers aren’t buying the products because they recognize how wasteful such purchases would be.

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Noooo. If the British Climate Cultists are any example, blame should be shifted to celebrities, such as well-known comedian, actor, writer, and producer Rowan Atkinson.

Writes Kent:

“Blame for the slow consumer embrace of EVs has been constantly shifting with English comedy icon Rowan Atkinson, forever applauded for his on-screen creation Mr. Bean, even blamed for ‘damaging’ the reputation of EVs and contributing to slow sales simply by expressing his opinion on their future – or lack of it.”

That would be Rowan Atkinson, who initially liked the idea of electric vehicles. He’s a man who studied electrical engineering, and who, upon seeing the performance drawbacks, environmental problems, fire risks, and unworkable way the EVs handle energy input and recharge, quickly rejected the EV propaganda and offered realistic public observations.

Of course, that has upset the Climate Cultists…

“Thinktank Green Alliance outlined the main obstacles the government faces in its bid to push petrol and diesel cars to the kerb before 2035, pointing to a newspaper comment piece by the Johnny English star published in June 2023 as damaging to the cause.

“The 69-year-old actor’s piece was headlined: ‘I love electric vehicles – and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped.’”

The Climate-crazed politicians and their favored corporate electric vehicle pals might try to blame Mr. Atkinson for their lack of popularity, but it looks increasingly clear that more consumers are coming to understand the actor’s point.

The trouble is that those UK and US politicians (and many others around the world) who keep pushing their climate canards and their “EV Utopia” don’t show any sign that they care about the fact that people feel duped. These parasites can continue to suck up people’s tax money in a manner that, if auto-dealers tried it directly, people would recognize as theft.

How much longer the collectivists in their tax-financed halls of government can continue to shift our money into this continuing fraud remains to be seen, but market participants still retain enough power to reveal their preferences to dealers, both in the UK and the US.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the freedom to NOT pay for government?

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