Customers Offer Own 'Gestures' After Store Goes Woke, Switches Easter Eggs To 'GESTURE Eggs'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 31, 2024
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During the holy Easter season, it’s easy to guess what credo, what belief system, and what event, the woke mob continues to target, even to the point of absurdity.

The credo is the concept of rights – and its expedients, found in the Golden Rule and private property. The belief system is Christianity, which truthfully stresses that God created each of us to answer to HIM, not gangs of political usurpers. And the event is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Thus, after Gillette attacked men, after Burger King joked about attacking Brits who admire British culture, after Bud Lite promoted a cross-dresser, after Target pushed a slew of bizarre, upsetting “LGBTQ” themes for kids and dismissed of the difference between boys and girls, and after many other corporate giants embraced the falsehood of the culture-splitting, prejudice-based “Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness” canard, we see the uninformed and insipid move by a UK Cadbury Outlet Store -- to change the company’s famous chocolate-marshmallow “Easter Eggs” into “Gesture Eggs.”

Writes The Telegraph’s Blathnaid Corless:

“The brand’s discount store in Springfields Outlet in Spalding, Lincolnshire, is displaying signs offering customers a two-for-£10 deal on ‘gesture eggs’.”

One can only speculate about the bird-like gesture many customers might have been inspired to offer, in return. And, while the cost of two little egg-bags for TEN POUNDS might justifiably nag folks who understand the evils of fiat currency, government spending, government diktats and restrictions on markets, and the price increases that inevitably follow, the cultural and religious significance of this dumb move cannot be overstressed.

In fact, the illogic of it also cannot be overlooked.

“’If it wasn’t for Easter, we wouldn’t have a reason for Easter eggs,’ said Tim Dieppe, the head of public policy at (UK religious rights defender) Christian Concern. ‘So I’m wondering why Cadbury wants to erase the connection between Easter and eggs, because if people stop celebrating Easter then they might stop buying Easter eggs.’”

Perhaps the only answer is that so many numbed-and-dumbed-down, securalized Westerners have become comfy with cute images of Easter and the growing disconnection between Christ’s resurrection and the spring-scheduled celebration, they think that “gestures” are as warm and fuzzy as bunny rabbits, and that “gestures” are sufficient for a warmed-over, unthinking, post-modernist form of materialist, feel-good-while-you-can “salvation.”

It's all fine and dandy to offer “gestures” – assuming such gestures are messages of love, support, kindness, etc. But Easter is not about human-to-human “gestures.” It is about the reality that the physical world could not have arisen from the physical world, that it had to have been created, by a thinking being, an eternal being that is, by definition, super-natural, loving, and eternal, that He brought His only son to us and that, after being crucified, Christ arose, revealing God’s power in a way that allows each of us to find salvation.

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This concept of a “gesture” egg is about as meaningful for the soul as the host of other “inclusive” gestures that abound in the world of the woke. But at least the corporate heads were able to disassociate from the store management’s move.

Notes Corless:

Cadbury said the Springfields Outlet store was run ‘completely independently’ by Freshstore and denied having any involvement in the ‘gesture eggs’ promotion or poster accompanying it.”

And she adds:

“One dismayed shopper also posted a picture of the sign advertising “gesture eggs” to X, formerly Twitter, writing: ‘The world’s gone.’”

But, perhaps it isn’t. After all, the market outcry was so strong, not only did the local store get a proverbial “earful,” the corporate heads heard, and word traveled around the globe.

In fact, this incident actually could reveal a positive.

It could teach a lesson about collectivism/wokeism versus Natural Rights and freedom.

Cultural Marxism and wokeism prey on people’s kindheartedness. After all, who would not want to be “inclusive”? The very term evokes feelings of warmth and affection, while “exclusion” evokes feelings of coldness and harm.

But, to survive, humans cannot “include” everything. We make choices about the lives and time God gives us, about where and how to spend our energy and apply our skills. One simply cannot function if he or she does not exclude some things, and by making those choices about what to include and exclude, we offer signals in the market that help others decide where they would like to apply their skills and energies.

Many businesspeople who push the woke “inclusiveness” agenda likely do so with what they believe are the best of intentions – again, trying to offer their own “gestures” and spread the concept of “openness.”

But they are patsies. They are dupes for a much larger, longer, darker collectivist political agenda of divide-and-conquer – to arbitrarily divide people into categories, pit them against each other for government-controlled resources, and see them offer support to the political figures who can bring each “put upon” group its gravy. Then, the government decides, and the politicians include and exclude...

By allowing for individual choice and Natural Rights, by letting people disconnect when they choose, the private-property-based market not only respects us, it actually facilitates what many collectivists might think is counterintuitive.

It facilitates respect, and that respect allows for new niche groups of mutual respect, new niche markets, and new opportunities for trade to bring understanding between cultures and people.

By applying one-size-fits-all force through collectivism, government pits people against each other and always comes out the victor.

And cultural signals such as this “gesture egg” are the kinds of transparent, weak moves on which the political vampires thrive.

For those who are interested in reality, in real life and the hereafter, the importance of recognizing God’s gift in Christ and His gift in our individual free will are essential.

Woke public relations campaigns show us just how pervasive, shallow, and politically weaponized the false idol of collectivism really is. But we can have hope! If we exercise our God-given liberty, if we communicate, we can see changes, and make what choices we can, showing future generations how important liberty and respect really are.


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