Biden's New Insult to Constitutional Rights: The 'Office Of Gun Violence Prevention'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 23, 2023
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Who says Joe Biden can’t engage in that proverbial activity of “chewing gum and walking at the same time?”

Sure, one might look at his vampiric thirst to suck money from us so he can send it (and multiple-tens of billions of dollars' worth of weapons) to Ukraine, Israel, and other nation-states, and one might wonder if that would consume his time. But, heck, he’s so talented and energetic, he ALSO just created a White House “Office” that stands in absolute contradistinction to his unconstitutional worldwide gun-running.

It almost stands in contradistinction. The two Biden actions have one thing in common: they are not sanctioned by the US Constitution that Amtrak Joe swore to uphold.

Biden’s new insult comes to us in the form of his shiny new “White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” and if you see the irony in the idea that any agency of government – which only gets its money from threatening peaceful people in order to make them cough up taxes – can point its government guns at us while ALSO claiming it stands against “gun violence”? You’re not alone.

ABC News recently reported on the new so-called “Office”:

“President Joe Biden announced on Friday the establishment of the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to help reduce the nation's epidemic of gun violence.

Notice that ABC isn’t quoting Biden when it recklessly uses the erroneous term “epidemic of gun violence.

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So-called "gun violence," or any other kind of violence committed by people against others, is not, and can never be, “epidemic.”

As I have noted for MRCTV, the term “epidemic,” has its roots in the Greek, stemming from the roots, “epi” and “demos,” meaning, “upon man.” It is used to designate natural phenomena that descend on people, not actions people take against each other. This is fundamental and it also indicates to anyone with a semblance of a brain that, among those who use the term in this way, there likely is an intent to enflame and generate a “crisis” vibe about firearm ownership.

But, who would EVER suspect Biden of trying to do such shady things?

“Speaking from the Rose Garden, the president said he took this action ‘to send a clear message about how important this issue is to me and to the country.’"

Curiously, he didn’t mention the US Constitution – the rule book for the country. Nor did he mention the fact that, as I have noted at MRCTV, the presence of more firearms in the civilian population is strongly correlated to DECREASES in violent crime, and that when Australia and England imposed harsh so-called “gun buy-backs” and attacks on gun rights legal guns, their violent crime rates (including gun-related crimes) dramatically rose – while the same period, seeing increasing US gun purchases, saw a steep decline.

And, of course, he didn’t mention sending arms and ammo around the planet.

But, what, exactly, will this new “Office” do? The mere existence of such an office is not sanctioned by the Constitution, but what’s in store for us targeted serfs?

The answer comes from the clear-speaking VP Kamala Harris. At the White House ceremony to announce it last month, she told the crowd:

"With this new office, we will use the full power of the federal government to strengthen the coalition of survivors and advocates and students and teachers and elected leaders, to save lives and fight for the right of all people to be safe from fear and to be able to live a life where they understand that they are supported in that desire and that right.”

In other words, it will use your money to expand the propagandistic push to malign gun owners and firearms ownership, to continue to hide the strong correlation between gun ownership and lower violent crime rates, and to hand out money to their allies in the gun-grab world.

Expect to see a lot of press conferences and certain “officials” becoming household names who are trotted onto pop media.

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Already, ABC and the Washington Post appear eager to promote them:

“The Washington Post first reported that Greg Jackson, a gun violence survivor who heads up the Community Justice Action Fund, and Rob Wilcox of Everytown for Gun Safety, are expected to have ‘key roles’ in the newly formed office.”

So, fellow American, if you would like to get onto that gravy-train, just push the idea that it’s constitutional and moral for agents of government to point government guns at your neighbors and tell them to hand over their guns, stop buying them, wait and wait to get them, submit personal info to get them, or discover that their homes can be invaded by armed government goons to get you and your weapons of self-defense.

It’s going to be a great career move for you if you don’t have any care for morality or the US Constitution. Heck, maybe you can jump from that office to another insult to the Constitution, like a job at the ATF. Surely you'll get job satisfaction, all the way...

And you likely will get a lot of glowing, unquestioning news coverage – like that offered by ABC.