Biden's EPA Readies Ban on One of the World's Most Useful Chemicals

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 29, 2024
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The Biden Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on the verge of banning one of the most important chemicals in the history of mankind.

It's methylene chloride, and it's used for everything from electronics to pharmaceuticals. Across its various states, it's an extraction solvent in food and beverage manufacturing, is used in processing spices and de-caffeinating beverages and making hops for beer, can be used to degrease surfaces and mechanical parts for cars, planes and train tracks, is used to extract chemicals to make all kinds of medicine and supplements, and to clean medical equipment. So, from beer, to car engines, to aircraft components, to nutritional supplements and medicine, this compound serves to help billions of people, not just in the US, but worldwide, allowing people to gain access to life-bettering products, even in the poorest nations.

But the EPA is concerned. So concerned that, once more, its thugs want to control us and our free will. And so the EPA on Thursday sent to the White House its wording for the chemical's ban. Why? To engage in terrorism and threats in order to protect us from our own choices, noting that methylene-chloride exposure - i.e., the inappropriate use of it - killed a whopping 85 people in the near-40 years between 1980 and 2018.

Of course, on the practical level, it is easy to imagine how even the most seemingly innocuous compounds – such as dihydrogen-monoxide, aka, WATER, can and do kill small numbers of people each year. Whether the deaths be due to drowning or literally DRINKING TOO MUCH WATER, people can fall prey to this clearly evil liquid.

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Ban it, EPA, even though it’s useful. Even though, as individuals, we have the natural right to be free, and the right to willingly adopt all the risks we choose in life.

The EPA's move has already bee protested by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), American Petroleum Institute, and the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA), who cite detrimental effects on the national economy if the chemical is banned.

No kidding.

The very existence of the EPA is an imposition that, by definition, diminishes our financial ability to handle our own lives. Then, beyond the economic drag it imposes on us by forcing us to pay for it, the EPA uses that tax money to threaten and fine and ban and lock away all kinds of resources and products, to stop us from stepping forward with projects or simple purchases to help our lives and our loved ones.

We do not need to study the practical potential consequences of this impending EPA ban, the idea of the bureaucrats trying to stop peaceful commerce is enough to see them as what they are: threats.

In fact, the very existence of the EPA assumes that we must pay for it.

That is enough to end the conversation, and oppose it, for all time.

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